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Checklist for an efficient payroll

Checklist for an efficient payroll

You can't compromise on ensuring your employees the right salary at the right time. But payroll is a big and complex job that involves so much more than pressing a button. Use our checklist as a guide to see if your payroll routines have the right preconditions to work as efficiently as possible. How many items can you tick off?

Is all payroll processed digitally – without manual intervention?

It is an absolute prerequisite that the data is entered correctly every month. But many companies still struggle with manual procedures like Excel files and paperwork when collecting timesheets, travel expenses, receipts and other payroll documents. Perhaps the employee also forgot to report some detail or recorded something violating applicable rules and policies, creating unnecessary extra work (and frustration) for the payroll department.

So, what’s the trick to avoiding this common pitfall in your payroll administration? A big part of the solution is investing in modern time and travel reporting systems synced directly to your payroll system. A lot of the hassle can be avoided by letting employees do all their reporting in user-friendly apps and web-based systems. The administrator will receive everything needed to run payroll correctly and completely. In other words, the right data in, the right data out!

Have you documented your work processes?

If someone in your payroll department suddenly went off sick or quit, do you have someone who could step in and do the job in their place? Do you have records of procedures and steps that need to be ticked off during the month?

An excellent way to secure your payroll administration is to identify and document all the recurring tasks involved in the payroll process. This will make it much easier for a temporary replacement or a new employee to get to grips with the company’s payroll routines. Last but not least, getting all the details down on paper also helps to see what can be done smarter. What tasks are currently done manually that you could automate? What are your biggest frustrations and time stealers, and how could you eliminate them?

Do you have full control over policies and deadlines?

Do your payroll administrators have to rush to get all the paperwork in place regarding payroll? Do they spend several hours answering the same questions from staff over and over again? The solution is to be transparent with your policies and procedures so that there are no question marks about how to report time, travel, and expenses and what the deadlines are for clearance and certification.

It is a great idea to collect this information in a (digital) employee handbook that everyone in the company can easily access and clearly explain the importance of each person taking responsibility to facilitate the work of the payroll department. With clear guidelines, many of the recurring questions from staff can be avoided – something that can free up a lot of time in your payroll administration.

Is your payroll administration equipped for the challenging demands of the future?

Is your payroll system a few years old? Then it’s time for an upgrade. A system change may seem like a big project, but the fact is that there are several solid arguments for investing in a solution that allows you to work safely and efficiently – both today and tomorrow. Here are some of them:

– With a web-based payroll system in the cloud, you always have access to what you need and don’t have to be locked to your office computer.

– As new payroll laws and regulations come into force, the system keeps up – so you never have to worry about having the right values and calculation formulas in place.

– You get the tools to manage payroll and other sensitive data in a GDPR-safe way.

– Last but certainly not least, with a proactive provider investing in new developments, you can always be sure you’ll have access to the latest innovative features. Something that can free up many valuable hours and give your payroll administrators a more pleasant day – where their skills are put to full use, and they don’t have to waste time manually keying in data.

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