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Cooach takes care of the group consolidation in your growth journey

Cooach takes care of the group consolidation in your growth journey

Fast-growing companies are confronted daily with a range of issues that concern both opportunities and challenges on their growth journey. Often this involves expansion and establishment in new markets, such as setting up a subsidiary or establishing a company abroad to deal with local regulatory requirements.

This growth phase places great demands on the finance function, which needs to handle this within the framework of its assignment and ensure that management receives the correct reports on time and that the auditor is satisfied. This in turn is not quite simple and specific expertise in the area is often required to ensure that the financial information can be consolidated correctly with, for example, elimination and currency adjustments.

At Cooach, we are specialists in this area and help growth companies in their expansion by taking care of business-critical processes. With our group consolidation service, we handle the entire process of group consolidation – from uploading balances from accounting systems to eliminating intercompany items, consolidating the group, and delivering reports that include Cash Flow, Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Statement of Changes in Equity as well as figures for quarterly reports and annual financial statements.

In our work, we use a cloud-based software from Konsolidator that gives us the opportunity to quickly and efficiently assist our customers with a correct group consolidation. We help you as a customer with all the steps to get there. From the set-up of the service as well as the daily operations, and our experts for group consolidation are with you in all the steps.

All at a fixed monthly price.

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Cooach also offers services in other functions for business support such as finance, HR, Ownership issues and Company operations.

About Konsolidator

Konsolidator is a fast-growing company that specializes in helping small and medium-sized companies streamline the consolidation process. The company originates in Denmark and is now growing rapidly on the international market. The company is listed on Nasdaq First North.

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