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Improve chances of attracting capital with a Data Room

Improve chances of attracting capital with a Data Room

Anybody looking to buy or invest in a company will want to investigate it thoroughly. This phase, when the buyer (or investor) gets to review every aspect of the seller’s business, is called Due Diligence. It is an audit where you must provide access to all your business records, so the potential investors/buyers can decide how much they are willing to pay.

You can make this process easy, efficient, and secure by setting up a data room to store your assets and business-critical information. The Data Room will allow you to invite several people at the same time safely, control who has access when and to what, track the history of their interactions, and protect you from data loss (as it would be cloud stored).

What is a Data Room?

Data rooms are secure spaces for reviewing corporate documentation. In the past, these were physical data rooms housing a lot of paper. But today, these physical locations are replaced by digital solutions.

There are many types of digital data room solutions on the market. Larger companies involved in M&A may prefer a more advanced VDR (Virtual Data Room) with integrated Q&A and automated functions and tasks. Whereas smaller companies can start with a file share service like Google Drive, One Drive, or Dropbox, where there are many possibilities to design a clever setup and gain many of the benefits that the more advanced systems offer.

The benefits of a Data Room when seeking to raise funds

There are several benefits to using a data room for companies seeking to raise funds. But there are many other benefits as well. Data room technology facilitates the company’s future growth and development. We will look at some of these benefits below.

Keep your business secrets safe

The records that potential investors want to review are crucial to your company as they reveal your business’s strengths and prospects. To keep these records safe, a Data Room is utilized to minimize the possibility of unauthorized access. Only individuals given permission can view the information, with restrictions on how they can handle it. Digital watermarking, document protection, activity tracking, and non-disclosure agreements are additional measures to ensure your sensitive information’s confidentiality.

Save time for all parties involved

Speed is crucial when making fundraising choices. Potential investors are occupied and frequently have multiple options to evaluate. Therefore, it is essential to receive a prompt response regarding an affirmative investment decision or valuable feedback on their choice. Having all the necessary information in one centralized location that can be accessed from anywhere at any time can significantly assist the process. A Q&A section in the Data Room can answer frequently asked questions quickly and notify your team to respond when an investor asks more specific questions.

Offer transparency

Precise and efficient presentation of information from the beginning can prevent frustrating delays and misunderstandings that could jeopardize future deals.

Make a great impression

Raising funds is a competition among many companies with promising ideas. Investors are presented with numerous options to choose from. A Data Room is a tool that not only presents all the necessary information to investors but also presents your company’s expertise in a structured and professional way, making a positive impression of your company. Every aspect counts in the quest to convince an investor that your company is a wise choice for business.

Get prepared

Preparing documents for inspection in a Data Room will help you prepare mentally for engaging with investors. Making sure documents are relevant, accurate, up-to-date, and compliant, and that contracts are signed, can help you to see your company from an investor’s point of view and puts you in the right frame of mind for engaging with investors.

Engage your audience

Engaging investors is vital to successful fundraising, and a Data Room provides secure channels to facilitate quick communication with permitted investors. You can add multiple investors into the Data Room and engage with them separately in private spaces where presentations, Q&A sessions and negotiations can be conducted; further information can be given, documents shared, and valuable feedback received. Investors often find the ability to comment on documents beneficial during negotiating.

Remain in control

Tracking features of a Data Room gives you insights into the behavior of investors. It lets you see who has accessed the room, what they viewed, and for how long. This information can help you determine which investors are genuinely interested in investing in your company and prompt you to respond positively and efficiently. Additionally, it will alert you if an investor you want to engage with hasn’t accessed the room, so you can follow up and remind them to take a look. Task management tools can help your team take full advantage of each fundraising opportunity.

Future proof your Due Diligence process

A well-organized Data Room plays a crucial role in attracting and maintaining potential investors’ attention during a company’s fundraising phase. Its security features and ability to effectively communicate with stakeholders, including investors, customers, and other parties, make it an indispensable tool for fundraising and future business growth and development. Data Rooms are necessary for mergers and acquisitions and other initiatives requiring due diligence. They can also be the central hub for storing and sharing important company documents and facilitate effective communication within different departments.

How can you create a Data Room?

At a basic level, the steps to creating a Data Room would be:

  1. Find a Data Room provider
  2. Upload the documents you wish to keep in it
  3. Categorize and index the contents in the most suitable file structure
  4. Redact any information that users should not see (or should not see yet)
  5. Create roles (i.e., define the different types of users who will need access) and set their permission levels
  6. Import any checklists you need to manage and track the project

Do you need help setting up a Data Room?

At Cooach we help growth companies by offering Business Support services. Data room is one of the services we offer within Company administration.

Cooach Data Room Services organizes and manages all your company’s legal documents in a secure location. We help you set up a virtual data room using a platform of your choice such as Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox. We assist in relocating all your legal documents, such as employment agreements, consultant agreements, rental agreements, and more. This service is highly recommended for companies that want to improve their document management routine or prepare for due diligence. We will work with you to ensure that your data room is easy to navigate and update, providing you with better control and oversight. 

Access our platform for free – get self-service templates, workflows and basic versions of Cooach Workplace® and Cooach Toolbox®. Upgrade with more products as you go.

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