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We offer a tailored Growth as a Service platform that can scale to enable growth and transform your business “from napkin to unicorn”.

We will help you focus on your core business and reduce risk. You can grow faster by ensuring you are one step ahead of potential hurdles for growth with lower operational costs.

Some of the clients that we serve:

Choose services according to your needs – we support you throughout the journey with our Growth as a Service platform

Cooach Business Support

Tailored business support for growth companies gathered in one platform Digital and automated business processes and access to experts in Finance, HR and Legal.

Our platform contains intelligent templates supporting common tasks in the areas of Finance, HR, Shareholders and Company operations provided as subscriptions. Upgrade and get access to dedicated contact person or a complete Growth team.

Our business support platform gives you access to a set of products combining SaaS with the support and expertise needed to support growth in different phases. Automized accounting, financial reporting, quarterly reports for public companies, payroll accounting, stoc option program and much more. Always integrated and delivered as your company´s inhouse solution rather than outsourced service.

Instead of hiring consultants we build a broad network of real experts with experiences from C-level positions in companies of different size. And you don´t even have to pick just one expert but we tailor a complete growth team with a CFO, HR-manager and a Chief Legal Officer. In conjunction with our platform services digitalizing repetitive work thus enabling more competence for less money.

Business Support is being automized at a rapid pace. Cooach constantly develop our services to be best-in-class in terms of efficiency and user experience to allow our customers to take advantage of progress in technology and legislation. One example being our own digital employee, Cooachbot, providing intuitive HR-support and using modern AI-technology to improve.

Cooach Business Generation

We ensure that you can cover all the needs that arise for you to be able to develop a modern digital business generation over time for all the parts that are critical to develop.

Your investors demand it and your team needs it. Without a strategy, the journey will be very wobbly and there is a great risk that you will fail on your growth journey. Together with your knowledge of your offering and our experience from over 100 growth companies, we use our proven method to create a go to market strategy that gives you and your investors the security you need to grow.

Get yourself an expert who really knows modern marketing at the strategic level, a leader who ensures that things happen in the market and that the result comes. You get a sounding board around marketing that can sit with your management team and be visible to the outside if you so wish. But you don’t have to pay for a full-time job.


Get a complete marketing function with access to all the skills required to build a brand, create leads, increase the close rate on your deals and develop customers. You will have peace of mind as we work according to well-proven methods where you have full transparency but can let go of the details. You don’t have to recruit and be the manager of marketing staff, and we shift resources depending on competence and volume needs. It scales seamlessly with your business.

As a growing company, you often need quick help with various things. We can help you with: website, social media, content production, advertising, keyword optimisation, market automation, video, PR, print, and more.
Cooach Customer experience

Long-term growth is dependent on an excellent customer experience. Cooach has the platform and resources to transform data and insights into concrete measures.

As a user of Cooach customer experience services you get access to a platform with all of your customer experience data. In addition you get tailored management reports with data necessary to successfully improve your business.


From Store audits to Mystery video chats and online shopping. Cooach offers different types of mystery observations giving you the flexibility and freedom to choose what will work best for your business. We know that challenges may be different so is our approach when providing you with recommendations.

We use online focus groups, exit interviews and other methods depending on your business needs to collect customer experience data. We will recommend proper solution that will work best for you and your business allowing you to get the information you need for further development.

We believe that boosting performance needs some extra support. Therefore, we offer different types of tools that will allow your business to truly see the difference. Tailored reports with detailed analysis, personalized action plans and trainings based on your needs are some of the performance boosters that we can create for you.

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