About Cooach

-  We offer growth as a service

Digital, tailored applications and business consulting. We gather your business’ business support and business generation on one platform and digitize business-critical processes, automate flows, eliminate repetitive tasks and free up time for value-creating activities.

Our story

Cooach was founded in 2017 to support growth companies with accounting and CFO-services. Since then we have developed into a one-stop-shop in business support for growth companies. Compared to established providers of professional services we benefit from a business model designed for the new way of working.

We address some of the largest headaches faced by growth companies. We provide expertise in specific professional areas where the small growth company typically lacks expertise, and a full business support team normally only exists in established companies. We offer a broad range of services including all the legal and regulatory tasks required to run a company e.g., accounting, closing, payroll, HR support, etc.

Our customers can grow at their own pace through a flexible professional service where our customers only utilize the expertise they need at a particular moment.

Building Cooach we had a few guiding principles of which working from anywhere, automation, and work-life-balance were the single most important. Based on these principles we have managed to create an organization built to develop services and serve customers in the best possible way. We use a digital office to integrate remote workers, a network of independent experts, and our customers into a functioning whole.

We have grown from a one-person start-up in 2017 to more than 75 contributors, in several countries, by applying the same methodology we use for supporting our customers. In 2020 we founded Cooach CX and in 2022 we joined forces with Business Reflex, one of the leading digital marketing agencies for growth generation, in Sweden. These initiatives have extended our offer of business support to include business generation and long-term growth support by measuring customer experience. Today we see ourselves as a complete GaaS (Growth as a Service) company, ready to serve and help businesses to grow.

Our vision is for Cooach to become a pan-european business support and business generation platform.

Our growth strategy

We grow together with our customers. Both in terms of service offer but also geographically. Already in 2018 we followed one of our first customers to Spain where we today provide accounting and CFO-services to more than 20 customers.

Our Customer Experience team is remote but with a number of team members based in Poland where we also provide services to a number of Polish and international retail chains.

Governed by our vision to become a pan-european platform we will continue to follow our customers to new markets and localize our services.



C-F Morander

C-F Morander


Cooach’s founder. With a background as a serial entrepreneur, Carl-Fredrik has extensive experience in establishing and building companies in finance and business support, from a variety of markets. Carl-Fredrik also acts as an advisor to owners and management teams of growth companies.

Fredrik Carlqvist


Fredrik has solid experience as CFO and COO in several large companies. For the past 10 years, Fredrik has primarily worked as a CFO consultant for a large number of entrepreneurial companies.

Jörgen Stattin


Jörgen has extensive experience of building and leading well-functioning and successful business support units, both as a consultant and advisor as well as in managerial roles in multinational as well as entrepreneur-driven companies.
Per Ivarsson

Per Ivarsson


Per has over 30 years of experience in IT, digitalization, and business development from various CIO roles in banking, finance, and the accounting industry. Per has managed and been responsible for IT change projects in large organizations and has extensive experience and expertise.


Ulrika Strömberg

Chairman of the Board since 2022, member since 2020. Ulrika serves on the boards of several companies, including public ones. Ulrika is an entrepreneur from the financial sector.

Cecilia Hjertzell

Member since 2021. Digital strategist and investor, active as a senior advisor through his own company. Board member of Spectrum One, listed on Nasdaq First North.

Christina Morander

Member since 2017. Active as CFO for Addlife, listed on Nasdaq. Christina has a long experience in accounting and has, among other things, worked as a certified public accountant.

Thomas Dreifaldt

Member since 2021. Founder of Intermezzo – an innovation company in digital sales and leadership training.

Thomas Anderberg

Member since 2021. Digital strategist and investor, active as a senior advisor through his own company. Has extensive experience in helping international organizations to streamline processes in Finance, HR and Supply Chain.

Anders Hermansson

Member since 2022. Digital strategist with many years of experience in international sales and marketing. Co-founder and CEO of digital agency Business Reflex.

Cooach gives the smaller growth company the same opportunity for good business support as the large companies - but at a reasonable cost

That's how it started

At the same time, Slack had established itself as a tool that digitized both projects and daily communication by, as a platform, in principle replacing the various systems for e-mail, meeting services and document management and linking the projects’ various application tools.

Cooach took note of this and the working hypothesis was to use Slack as a digital office to deliver business support services and thus create a business support system that provided the functionality of all the SaaS solutions that came on the market during this period.

The goal was to use digital tools and with Slack as the nervous system itself to connect the functionality, create as good business support for the smaller growth company as what the large enterprise companies have created through their staff functions. The ambition was to be able to offer it at a reasonable cost by doing it digitally and automating as many parts of the processes as possible.

Cooach has always developed in a true lean method spirit. We have set working hypotheses and always worked customer-driven. In 2016, Cooach began testing Slack with two selected customers to verify that customers would like Slack as the base of the platform.

The response was huge – they loved it! The next step was to automate the underlying processes. This resulted, as early as 2016, in the first Coach fine in the form of an automated flow to receive expense receipts and book them in the payroll system. Cooach then expanded with solutions for sending out salary specifications and invoices for certification. A series of small steps in a work process that so far required a human to solve the task had now received a human-bot interaction.

Thereafter, we continued to develop digital tools aimed at companies facing growth that requires external capital injections. We continued to run it as a lean startup company and constantly develop the services together with our customers while we grew as a company through new customers.

When Covid19 struck, the rest of the world caught up with Cooach, and demand for Cooach services increased markedly. Cooach then decided to invest properly and equip the company for a growth journey by appointing a professional board and conducting a capitalization round that enabled a proper packaging of the service offering and that the company was also able to build up the distribution line at a faster pace.

Cooach was founded in 2016, a year when the first digital accounting apps got off to a serious start. All of a sudden, the small company could gain access to digital accounting services with AI support that, at a very low cost or even as a free service, could support the smaller company in its financial accounting. But for growth companies with more complex needs such as group consolidation or HR support, there was no digital offer.

Cooach founder and CEO Carl-Fredrik Morander says:

My thinking was whether an app was the only solution or if it could be done in another way that better supported a company by digitizing all the business support processes that are common to, in principle, all companies of a certain size or with a certain complexity in company structure or services.