Advisors & employees


Urban Hobring

CFO on demand

Urban Hobring has more than 40 years of experience in accounting and finance from various  industries, of which the past 5 years as a consultant. 

Urban has held leading positions for both Swedish and global groups in accounting, business controlling, consolidation and treasury.

Urban joined Cooach in the autumn of 2020, with the assignment to conduct the consolidated financial statements of one of Cooach’s international clients active in the real estate industry. Since then, Urban has expanded his commitment and today, he has several assignments on behalf of Cooach.


"I joined Cooach because I liked the company's way of working and focus on simplifying and digitizing. My long experience and expertise in finance and accounting is valuable in the complex assignments that we carry out. I enjoy adding value to both Cooach and their customers."

Björn Petersson

CFO On-demand

Björn Petersson has more than 25 years of experience as CFO, business controller and from a number of different operational roles. Previously employed in Venture Capital-, state-owned-, listed- and privately owned companies, Björn has now been running his own business for five years with a focus on supporting small companies with strong entrepreneurs and owners.

Björn’s clients operate in a number of industries such as medtech, telecom, pharmaceuticals and investments.

For the past three years, Björn has collaborated with Cooach, where he works with our customers Radio Innovation and Flat Capital.

"The opportunity to offer customers a holistic business support concept, with access to experts completely on demand, is great. This makes the collaboration with Cooach both interesting and good for my self-development.

Hélen Sinani

HR specialist on demand

Hélen Sinani has held many senior positions, both operational and strategic, within HR in a variety of industries. 

Hélen has extensive knowledge of leadership  and organizational development, as well as managerial support in HR issues. She holds a degree in socionomy and HR from Mittuniversitetet and Stockholm University.

Hélen joined Cooach as an HR partner in 2021 and has since supported a number of Cooach’s customers in HR-related matters.

“I joined Cooach because of their broad range of customers in disperse industries, providing variety and stimulation to my work. Being part of the digital transformation within the HR field is very exciting.”

Tobias Fridman

Business lawyer on demand

Tobias has worked as a lawyer and business lawyer for more than 20 years, often with technology-driven companies such as Accenture, Verizon, Infor & IKEA Industry, as well as with start-ups.

Tobias holds a Master of Laws  from Stockholm University and has graduated from the General Management program at Harvard Business School.

"I am convinced of the fact that the legal industry will go through dramatic change over the coming years, spurred on by technology, and believe Cooach is well positioned to help clients benefit from this development. Cooach's business model gives small and medium-sized companies access to the level of business support that, prior to Cooach, only big corporations would have been able to afford."

Fredrik Carlqvist

CFO On-demand

Fredrik Carlqvist has a master’s degree in economics from Lund and has a background in IT, finance and administration, in both large and small companies.

Fredrik has, among other things, worked in the group management for a large Swedish company and been CEO and CFO of startups.

Fredrik is also CFO at Cooach.

"For the past 10 years, I have worked digitally and I could easily conclude that Cooach, through its approach and offering, has the future ahead of it."

Maria Schultz

IT support Digital workplace

Maria Schultz has extensive experience of business development and quality assurance of processes in various industries.

It comes in handy when we help our customers digitize and automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

She is based in Stockholm and also contributes to satisfied customers through training and IT support linked to the customer’s digital workplace.

"I like to contribute to smart technical solutions that reduce the administrative burden for our customers. I get energy from working with problem solving of various kinds, such as solving an IT issue together with a user or working with ongoing process development with the customer. "

Magdalena Reimann

IT support Digital workplace

Magdalena Reimann has worked in several roles at Cooach since 2018. 

Magdalena initially worked with accounting for Cooach’s customers, but in connection with Covid19, her focus shifted to helping companies solve the challenges of a digitalized way of working through onboarding, support and training in the digital tools.

In the Cooach IT support team, Magdalena helps customers’ employees with support and knowledge about the digital tools so that they can use them in the best way and thus work smarter and become more efficient in their work.

Originally Magdalena comes from Ireland but moved to Spain to enjoy the sun and heat all year round. With a degree in economics from University College Dublin and with experience from the travel industry, Magdalena has both the knowledge and understanding of customers’ issues and the experience of how to create the best service experience, which makes Magdalena an extremely appreciated support employee.

"I became part of Cooach to get the right conditions and opportunities to continue to develop within my area of expertise, to be part of an expert team but at the same time with the flexibility to be able to perform my work anywhere in the world."


Accounting economist

Dominika Soltani has worked as an accounting economist and financial assistant for a couple of years, since her degree in economics at Södertörn University. With a burning interest in digitalisation, she also has an education in IT.

Dominika works as an accounting economist for a number of Cooach customers and through her knowledge in IT, she also contributes to the daily efficiency work on their behalf.

“I can not describe what a positive change it was when I started at Cooach. We work in a way where we take advantage of every digital opportunity we find to streamline our and the customer's collaboration, but also the work behind the scenes. ”



Ekonomi / HR / Bolagsdrift / Ägarfrågor

Också en av oss. Cooachbot är vår egna digitala medarbetare.

Med API-integrationer till back office-system interagerar han med användare i dagliga aktiviteter så som kostnadsrapportering, frånvarorapportering, och mycket mer. 

Cooachbot jobbar 24/7 vid sidan av mänskliga experter i Slack.

Cooachbot såg dagens ljus i april 2018, och har sedan dess gjort livet enklare för hundratals användare. 

"Jag tycker om att bidra till smarta tekniska lösningar som minska den administrativa bördan för våra kunder. Jag får energi av att jobba med problemlösning av olika slag, som att lösa ett it-ärende tillsammans med en användare eller arbeta med löpande processutveckling med kunden."

Maria Schultz​, botens matte



Thomas Dreifaldt
Partner Manager Cooach