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Tailored business support for growth companies

Tailored business support gathered in one platform with support from the industry’s leading experts. With digital and automated business processes and access to experts in legal, HR, accounting and finance, we free up your time so that you can focus on growing your business.

Choose services according to your needs – we support you throughout the journey

Cooach Business Support
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Easy and secure login and logout


Digital signing


Google Workspace


Easily add to your existing systems

For example, Visma, email software, Salesforce and newsletter tools.


From self-service to tailored business support with dedicated experts

We want to give every company access to the same level of business support as the large companies. Our subscriptions are adapted to the company’s growth and tailored to each service line: finance , HR , shareholder support , company operations and digital collaboration .


Free and easy and a gateway to our services. With Cooach Go you get instant access to smart templates and documents in our service lines.
  • Smart templates for creating contracts and agreements
  • Chat support business support

COOACH Business

For the smaller company or start-up that is not yet in need of tailor-made solutions, but still needs simple, functional and efficient business support. Cooach business includes, in addition to standard templates, smart tools for dynamic and automatic generation of contracts and document templates, as well as digital routines and notifications.
  • Smart templates in selected areas
  • Chat support for business support
  • Dedicated business support resource
  • Automated processes
  • Notifications by email
  • Automated monthly reports


For established companies in need of customized solutions. With this subscription, you get a fully tailored business support platform and dedicated business coaches in all our service lines.
  • Smart templates in selected areas
  • Chat support business support
  • Dedicated business support resource
  • Customized automated processes
  • Notifications by Slack and email
  • Notifications for monthly reports
  • Customized system environment

Said about Cooach

At Cooach, we support our clients’ growth journey at every stage. Through digital business support, our clients are connected to a team of HR, legal and financial experts, assembled according to each client’s unique needs at different stages of their growth journey. Are you our next expert?


in Cooach network of experts and growing client companies

Client cases

All Cooach clients receive


The basis of Cooach business support.


We integrate your business's existing business support with market-leading services and systems into a single workspace.

Tailored Applications

When off-the-shelf solutions are not enough, we develop business-adapted applications.

Safe and easy

Access to Cooach Workplace is via one-login. A password for all applications and systems. Safe, secure and smooth.


Our support team of experts supports you during office hours and a self-service support 24/7.

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  • How a digital collaboration surface together with Slack can be the basis for a simpler and more flexible business support.
  • How a company’s entire need for support in law, HR, accounting and financing can be provided through a combination of digital and automated business processes and access to experts based on our various areas of expertise.
  • How other companies take the help of Cooach business support and Cooach Partner Network’s on-demand experts.

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