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As a Cooach Partner, you help Swedish growth companies to succeed

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You like the challenge with companies in the growth phase and you have experience with being involved in building successful companies. But today you want to be in charge of your own time, where you work and for whom you work. Welcome to Cooach Partner On-demand.

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Cooach is a new concept for growth companies  – we offer a digital platform with systems, agreements and guides in Finance, HR, Law and shareholder-related issues in combination with on-demand access to experienced experts in the same service lines. 

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We know that entrepreneurial companies often face a more advanced need for expert support from the first investment. At the same time, they are not at the stage where they can hire a CFO, HR manager or Lawyer full time. They need a CFO, Lawyer or HR On-demand.


your (future) colleagues

Service areas


Accurate and up-to-date accounting that makes it easier to grow fast at reduced risk. We have automated all repetitive processes, thus cutting costs and increasing the usefulness of the data created.


Digital HR support enabling your company to act as a professional employer. Our offering supports companies which sees remote work as a natural part of the company’s organisation, as this places greater demands on structure and clarity.


Access to digital services for managing shareholder related documentation and transactions efficiently and correct. With our solution for creating shareholder agreements, stock option schemes, shareholders’ meeting, our services are aimed at founders and investors in Start-ups and Scale-ups.

Company operations

The right support for effective board and management work that creates structure and ensures that decisions are taken and documented in an accurate and businesslike manner. 

Cooach Partner Network

Suitable for you who

Wants to be at the forefront

As the pace of digitization increases, ever higher demands are placed on digital competence. It is no longer enough to be an expert in your field, you also need to be able to train customers in the ways of working of the future. We provide the tools and expertise to keep you at the forefront, regardless of your area of expertise.

Wants to become an expert in digital business support tools

As a Cooach partner, you get the key to Cooach Toolbox – a digital toolbox with service line-specific tools that streamline your and your clients’ daily work. It includes area-specific workflows, agreement robots (in HR, finance and law) that create and establish legally correct agreements in an efficient way. These are fully tailored to your clients’ needs. There is also a data room for documents and agreement storage.

When you join the Cooach partner network, we train you in the Cooach Workplace digital business support platform. You will not only become a digital collaboration expert yourself, but will also be able to support your clients in digitizing, and thus streamlining, their businesses. We also provide free workshops in digital business support, in connection with our offices around the world.

You get

Access to more customers

Our mission in the partner network is to match the needs of the network and our clients with your specific skills and focus. Being a member of the partner network can therefore bring more opportunities for new assignments, both longer assignments as well as one-off assignments.

Someone to always help you

Regardless of the time of day or geographical residence – in our partner network, support is always close at hand. Our self-service service and Cooachbot are just a click away, and during normal office hours a human support team is available.

A digital and physical workplace

As a partner, you always have an office near you, if you wish. Of course, you have access to Cooach’s digital offices 24/7, but if that is not enough, you have access to our office hubs in Stockholm, Malmö, Fuengirola and Warsaw. We plan to open more hubs soon.

Tomas Dreifaldt

Partner Manager Cooach

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Subscriptions in economics focus on accounting. Partly because a constantly updated and correct accounting is the basis for so much, regardless of the size of the company, and partly because technological development has meant that in almost all companies there is great potential in automating repetitive processes, which both saves money and increases the benefit with it data created.


Our subscriptions within HR focus on providing HR administration and support to you who want to be a professional employer from the beginning. We especially target you who see telework as a natural part of the company's organization as this places higher demands on structure and clarity.


Our subscriptions for owners facilitate capitalization and share transactions. The subscription provides access to digital services to manage ownership issues in an efficient manner.


With the aim of combining law and business development. How do we ensure that the board's rules of procedure becomes a tool for the board instead of a document that is forgotten? How can contract writing with customers and suppliers simplified?


Digital subscriptions help you collaborate digitally. The need has probably never been greater. The subscription gives your business a one-stop-shop solution for the digital partner site.

Med Cooach Toolbox får ditt företag smarta verktyg för att skapa, ladda ner och distribuera kontrakt och juridiska dokument. Allt digitaliserat, allt som självbetjäning och ja, riktigt enkelt.

Vi kan serva ditt bolag med affärsrådgivare i  ekonomi, HR, bolagsstyrning, användarupplevelse och ägarfrågor. 

Cooach tjänster för det digitala kontoret är uppdelade på abonnemang som passar olika verksamheters behov och  kan kompletteras med tilläggstjänster inom våra 4 affärsstödsområden.

Cooach tjänster för det digitala kontoret är uppdelade på abonnemang som passar olika verksamheters behov och  kan kompletteras med tilläggstjänster inom våra 4 affärsstödsområden.