Our Services

Digital, tailored applications and business consulting in one platform. We gather the customer’s business support on one platform and digitize business-critical processes, automate flows, eliminate repetitive tasks and free up time for value-creating activities.

Cooach Business is aimed at fast-growing small and medium-sized companies. Our offering in this area is constantly growing with our customers and currently consists of four service areas and a digital workplace.

Cooach Business Support

All Cooach users get

Cooach Toolbox

With Cooach Toolbox, your company gets smart tools for creating, downloading and distributing contracts and legal documents. Everything digitized, everything as self-service and yes, really simple.

Our business subscribers receive

Personal advisors in all areas

We can service your company with business advisors in finance, HR, corporate governance, user experience and shareholder issues.


Our pricing model is based on our ambition and conviction that entrepreneurs and company management should be able to focus on their core business and rely on a partner to handle the required business support in a simple and efficient way. We therefore offer our services as package solutions with three standard subscriptions.


Free and easy and a gateway to our services. With Cooach Go you get instant access to smart templates and documents in our service lines.
  • Smart templates for creating contracts and agreements
  • Chat support business support

COOACH Business

For the smaller company or start-up that is not yet in need of tailor-made solutions, but still needs simple, functional and efficient business support. Cooach business includes, in addition to standard templates, smart tools for dynamic and automatic generation of contracts and document templates, as well as digital routines and notifications.
  • Smart templates in selected areas
  • Chat support for business support
  • Dedicated business support resource
  • Automated processes
  • Notifications by email
  • Automated monthly reports


For established companies in need of customized solutions. With this subscription, you get a fully tailored business support platform and dedicated business coaches in all our service lines.
  • Smart templates in selected areas
  • Chat support business support
  • Dedicated business support resource
  • Customized automated processes
  • Notifications by Slack and email
  • Notifications for monthly reports
  • Customized system environment

We prioritize the safety of our customers

Of course, it’s nice to cheat a little and use the same simple password on all our apps and services. But the problem of data intrusion is increasing sharply, which can damage the core of the business.

We combine simplicity with security. On Cooach’s integrated business support platform, only a single login ID is required, which provides access to all the business’s systems and to our entire business support function.

This is made possible through the collaboration with onelogin .


Integration partners

A prerequisite for automating the business support environment is that different systems talk to each other seamlessly and efficiently. We integrate with some of the market’s leading tools, for an optimal and business-adapted customer experience.


Office 365

Partners in finance

Through the integration with Planacy, your business gets a powerful tool for financial planning.

Through the integration with Oxceed, the internal reporting in your group is simplified and provides a financial overview in real time.

With Konsolidator as an integration partner, our customers get access to a powerful tool for consolidation.

If you use Fortnox today, we will just move over the license and add to our standardized processes

Anfix is Spain’s equivalent of Fortnox. We retrieve data from Anfix as seamlessly as we do for Fortnox.


Logo MaxPA
Salary & HR system

Why bother with that? With MaxPA, our customers get access to a complete system for payroll and HR issues.

Share Register online

NVR is a securities register for unlisted companies, which gives our customers access to an online share register.

Capital raising system

Through a partnership with Pepicon, you get access to a leading digital tool for raising capital.

Do you want to become an integration partner?