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Cooach Toolbox provides your company with smart tools for creating, downloading and distributing contracts and legal documents. Everything digitized, everything as self-service and, well, really simple.

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Smart templates - self-service for business administration and corporate governance

We help you do what you do best, solve your customers’ needs and sell your products. We simplify the rest with smart templates and tools for your company’s administrative needs.

And when it’s time to scale up your business and your leadership, you shouldn’t have to learn all about HR and corporate governance or hire hordes of administrative staff.

What you need is Cooach. In Cooach Toolbox you will find everything for self-service and building digital routines. Add Business or Premium subscriptions to switch up and gain access to dedicated experts.

Financial tools

Easily accessible templates for accounting and your financial documents. Upgrade your account to access dynamic templates, digital document signing, and important event notifications.

HR tools

Templates and contracts for employers. You also get our leadership test for free. Upgrade your account to get a professional analysis of the answers in the Leadership Test. And for digitizing agreements.

Shareholder tools

Shareholder agreements, option programs and incentive templates. From free versions to smart tools for dynamic and automatic generation of contracts and documents for your company.

Corporate governance

Start using our smart templates for your handling. When you upgrade your account to Cooach Business, you will receive a workflow with notifications for the entire year circle.

Integration partners

With our basic set of partners, Cooach becomes your guide and meeting place for Software as a Service (SaaS) services – and you can add many of your existing systems.


Easy and secure login and logout


Digital signing


Google Workspace


Easily add to your existing systems

For example, Visma, email software, Salesforce and newsletter tools.

Supplement for digital workflow

Upgrade your account to Cooach Business Digitize your workflow in your Cooach Toolbox.

Create and retrieve employment contracts and contracts with a short text line for your Cooach bot.

Receive notifications about important events and key dates for your business.

Sign and get signatures digitally on your contracts and documents.

The leadership test

Test your leaders and get an overview of their leadership skills. The test contains knowledge in coaching, feedback, teamwork and conflict management and gives you insight into both points for improvement and undiscovered abilities and opportunities.

Financial reporting

Cooach collects your financial information and produces professional accounts for digital distribution. From downloadable PDF files to a complete website developed by Cooach.


Cooach subscription plans

Cooach Toolbox in a significant component of Cooach business support. Here you get the whole picture.

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