Subscriptions in economics focus on accounting. Partly because a constantly updated and correct accounting is the basis for so much, regardless of the size of the company. Partly because technological development has meant that in almost all companies there is great potential in automating repetitive processes, which both saves money and increases the usefulness of the data that is created.

The modern Finance function

Yesterday’s finance function consisted of a closed department characterized by manual work and binders. Financial reporting consisted of static monthly reports produced in Excel, long after the end of the month.

The modern company’s finance function harnesses the opportunities of digitalisation. Cloud-based software and digitized resources foster collaboration. Instead of hiring people to create data, businesses invest in buying finished data. Financial reporting takes place in real time and is combined with other relevant data for decision-making. Delayed monthly statements are a thing of the past.

57% of future financial work is fully or partially automated

Source: McKinsey Global Institute 2020

This is included in subscriptions for finance

From self-service to full-scale finance department

Cooach GO

complements the accounting firm

Replacing a functioning accounting firm just to make it a little better and a little cheaper is seldom at the top of the priority list. Through Cooach Go, you can share our templates, bounce questions off our experts and try things out for yourself, at no cost and without making any decisions.

Cooach Business

Replaces the accounting firm

For the business that has decided to automate and streamline their accounting and lay the foundation for using data in a new way. Through best practice and a standardized approach, we provide companies with state-of-the-art accounting production. Accounting is linked to the digital workplace, making it easier for everyone.

Cooach Premium

Remote finance department

Digitization enables efficient collaboration and staffing with the right resources at every step of a process. Cooach Premium provides an entire finance department at a distance, so that the company automatically receives the vital external innovation while reducing personal dependence. The subscription is tailored to each company’s unique circumstances and is then priced as a fixed monthly subscription with a common agenda for continuous improvement.


An entire finance department remotely

For businesses with complex financial reporting and planning needs. Cooach supports listed companies’ need to produce quarterly reports and annual reports that are both accurate and contribute to a professional impression of the company. We work in modern systems that we share with the company for efficient collaboration. We ensure that there is a closing agenda that is followed up on and that the right people are involved at the right time.

CFO on demand

When your business is in need of a senior economist who can be involved in business management and contribute with the right financial skills. May also take on the role of coordinator and commissioner of other business support services. Through fixed hourly packages that contain just as much or as little CFO manager as your company needs, you can get the right skills several years earlier than with a traditional solution.


Consolidation for groups with companies in several countries with different currencies and local differences against the Group’s accounting framework. Cooach combines system support with the right expertise at all levels in order to produce accurate monthly financial statements and reports to management and the board of directors, as well as external financial reporting. At the same time being constantly prepared for the implementation of new companies, including the establishment of the PPA’s and training of local accounting functions.

Financial planning

Excel is a fantastic tool, but it easily becomes a barrier when the complexity becomes too great. Especially when several levels in the company have to be involved in the planning process. Cooach offers data-driven planning with the market’s leading software support. Enabling the involvement of the right people in the planning process and laying the foundation for financial management and follow-up.

Financial reporting

Cooach supports the need of listed companies to produce quarterly and annual reports that are both accurate and contribute to a professional impression of the company. We work in modern systems that we share with the company for efficient collaboration. We ensure that there is a closing agenda that is followed up on and that the right people are involved at the right time.


Urban Hobring

CFO on demand

Urban Hobring has more than 40 years of experience in accounting and finance from various  industries, of which the past 5 years as a consultant. 

Urban has held leading positions for both Swedish and global groups in accounting, business controlling, consolidation and treasury.

Urban joined Cooach in the autumn of 2020, with the assignment to conduct the consolidated financial statements of one of Cooach’s international clients active in the real estate industry. Since then, Urban has expanded his commitment and today, he has several assignments on behalf of Cooach.


"I joined Cooach because I liked the company's way of working and focus on simplifying and digitizing. My long experience and expertise in finance and accounting is valuable in the complex assignments that we carry out. I enjoy adding value to both Cooach and their customers."

Björn Petersson

CFO On-demand

Björn Petersson has more than 25 years of experience as CFO, business controller and from a number of different operational roles. Previously employed in Venture Capital-, state-owned-, listed- and privately owned companies, Björn has now been running his own business for five years with a focus on supporting small companies with strong entrepreneurs and owners.

Björn’s clients operate in a number of industries such as medtech, telecom, pharmaceuticals and investments.

For the past three years, Björn has collaborated with Cooach, where he works with our customers Radio Innovation and Flat Capital.

"The opportunity to offer customers a holistic business support concept, with access to experts completely on demand, is great. This makes the collaboration with Cooach both interesting and good for my self-development.

Fredrik Carlqvist

CFO On-demand

Fredrik Carlqvist has a master’s degree in economics from Lund and has a background in IT, finance and administration, in both large and small companies.

Fredrik has, among other things, worked in the group management for a large Swedish company and been CEO and CFO of startups.

Fredrik is also CFO at Cooach.

"For the past 10 years, I have worked digitally and I could easily conclude that Cooach, through its approach and offering, has the future ahead of it."

This is included in Cooach Business

Access to the Cooach Toolbox Cooach Toolbox digital toolkit with smart agreement templates:

  • Financial handbook: Answer questions about your business and a real-time financial handbook is created that serves as a documentation of your company’s financial function. Creates clarity and conditions for a documented internal control.
  • Profit and liquidity budget: With our template for the profit budget, the business can create a picture of what the financial year will look like in terms of results. In the liquidity budget, the business gets a good tool for budgeting the vital cash flow.

Automated financial processes, for example:

  • Integration with Fortnox: If Fortnox is used today, we will transfer the license and add to our standardized processes.
  • Integration with bank: We always integrate the accounts with your bank account. It is the single most important integration for automating and creating a constantly updated account.

Notifications based on data in our intelligent templates:

  • Liquidity forecast: Notifications of next week’s supplier payments, expected customer payments and taxes and fees, as well as the current bank balance.
  • Invoice paid / to certify: When invoices have been received to be certified, the user receives a notification and a link.
  • Monthly financial statements: Based on the data you have entered in the financial manual for the monthly financial statements process, reminders are created of activities to be done.

Automatic Reporting through the digital reporting tool Oxceed:

Through a direct connection to Fortnox, reports are created the moment the accounts are closed. Examples of included reports:

  • Custom reports: During implementation, we gather information about which financial information is most important for your company and adapt our standard reports accordingly.
  • Budget and forecast: We support the preparation of budget and forecast.
  • Financial overview in no time: In Oxceed you get accounting data presented in a nice and clear way. Through drill-down functionality, a deeper understanding of the numbers is created.

Integration partners



Complements the accounting firm *
SEK 0 per month
  • Smart templates in economics
  • Chat support accounting questions


Replaces the accounting firm *
From SEK 990 per month
  • Smart templates in economics
  • Chat support accounting questions
  • Dedicated digital economist
  • Automated accounting
  • Monthly financial statements notifications
  • Automated monthly reporting
  • Notifications accounting events
  • VAT reporting, monthly reconciliation and YEAR K2
Most popular


Replaces existing finance department *
Quote Tailored and priced according to needs analysis
  • Smart templates in economics
  • Chat support accounting questions
  • Dedicated digital economist
  • Customized automated accounting
  • Customized notifications for monthly accounts
  • Customized monthly reporting
  • Custom notifications accounting events
  • VAT reporting, monthly reconciliation and YEAR K2
  • Tailor-made system environment
  • Tailored back-office for accounting production

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