Our subscriptions within HR focus on HR administration and support for the companies that want to be a professional employer from the beginning. We especially target companies that see telework as a natural part of the company’s organization as this places higher demands on structure and clarity.

The modern HR function

The processes that are most digitized today are recruitment and the conducting of employee surveys. There are many systems for this today and more and more people are choosing to use them and see their benefits. Surveys show three clear areas that are considered important to digitize in the near future. These are the processes for managing personnel data, the on-boarding process and having a clear overview of employees’ skills.

These three processes would facilitate the administration of HR and the whole organisation. It would ensure a quality-assured on-boarding process and  provide a clear picture of future skills needs. However, there are a number of obstacles along the way. Surprisingly, there are many companies where HR is not yet a member of the management team, which makes it difficult to move towards digitalization. It is unclear how these companies will compete. Furthermore, there is a lack of both existing technology and time to invest in the vital digital development.

This is where Cooach comes in, as we have the tools, the skills and the time to help the HR department’s digitalisation development.

This is included in subscriptions for HR

From self-service to full-scale HR department

Cooach GO

Professional employer from day one

At no cost, your company can benefit from quality-assured smart templates that make it possible to create correct employment agreements. Answer questions to get an agreement contract tailored to the job in question. As the company grows with more employees, you can easily create the regulations for your particular company through our smart personnel handbook and more.

Cooach Business

Start making use of of data

This is where the journey towards more automated HR support begins. Receive automatic notifications when a probationary period is about to expire and send agreements with our integrated signing service. Ask questions and get professional support through chat. This also includes an evaluation of the managerial test that can provide valuable insights for leadership development.

Cooach Business


From just SEK 3,490 per month, you not only get tailor-made agreements adapted to your brand and business, but also a dedicated HR contact who gets to know your company.

The journey towards greater automation continues through notifications in Slack that create conditions for business-support workflows that save time and minimize the risk of errors.


An entire HR department remotely

Our additional services complement the subscriptions and complete the growth company’s HR function. Of course, data-driven and fully integrated to be as efficient as possible, while shifting the focus from structure to development and value creation. All to make your company a winner when the workplace of the future is being shaped: a workplace where employees and gig consultants work in parallel in a digital environment.

HR manager on demand

Our network includes a number of experienced HR managers who can become part of your company’s organization at short notice. With fixed packages that include as much or as little HR management as your company needs, you can get the right skills several years earlier than with a traditional solution. In addition, fully integrated with the system support in our business support platform.

Salary accounting
Does your company use a traditional payroll service with documentation that must be reported and emailed to the payroll office? By adding payroll to a business or enterprise subscription, that time is over. All reporting takes place in dialogue with Cooachbot HR. The entire process is monitored and quality assured by experienced payroll consultants who are also available for questions and manual adjustments.

Automated on- and offboarding

With a premium subscription and payroll services, the step to automated on- and off-boarding of employees and consultants to your company is not far away.

  • Send a link to the new employee for the collection of personal data to the employment contract.
  • Receive a notification when it’s time to top up with salary etc.
  • Send the agreement for digital signing.
  • Automatic set-up of the employee in Cooach Workplace that gives access to the right system.
  • Automatic set-up of the employee in the payroll system.


Urban Hobring

CFO on demand

Urban Hobring has more than 40 years of experience in accounting and finance from various  industries, of which the past 5 years as a consultant. 

Urban has held leading positions for both Swedish and global groups in accounting, business controlling, consolidation and treasury.

Urban joined Cooach in the autumn of 2020, with the assignment to conduct the consolidated financial statements of one of Cooach’s international clients active in the real estate industry. Since then, Urban has expanded his commitment and today, he has several assignments on behalf of Cooach.


"I joined Cooach because I liked the company's way of working and focus on simplifying and digitizing. My long experience and expertise in finance and accounting is valuable in the complex assignments that we carry out. I enjoy adding value to both Cooach and their customers."

Hélen Sinani

HR specialist on demand

Hélen Sinani has held many senior positions, both operational and strategic, within HR in a variety of industries. 

Hélen has extensive knowledge of leadership  and organizational development, as well as managerial support in HR issues. She holds a degree in socionomy and HR from Mittuniversitetet and Stockholm University.

Hélen joined Cooach as an HR partner in 2021 and has since supported a number of Cooach’s customers in HR-related matters.

“I joined Cooach because of their broad range of customers in disperse industries, providing variety and stimulation to my work. Being part of the digital transformation within the HR field is very exciting.”

Tobias Fridman

Business lawyer on demand

Tobias has worked as a lawyer and business lawyer for more than 20 years, often with technology-driven companies such as Accenture, Verizon, Infor & IKEA Industry, as well as with start-ups.

Tobias holds a Master of Laws  from Stockholm University and has graduated from the General Management program at Harvard Business School.

"I am convinced of the fact that the legal industry will go through dramatic change over the coming years, spurred on by technology, and believe Cooach is well positioned to help clients benefit from this development. Cooach's business model gives small and medium-sized companies access to the level of business support that, prior to Cooach, only big corporations would have been able to afford."

This is part of Cooach Business

Access to the Cooach Toolbox digital toolkit. It contains smart templates in HR, for example:

  • Leadership test: Test your leaders and get an idea about their leadership skills. The test is aimed at those who are leaders. They are given a number of statements to consider and test both basic knowledge and practical skills on certain issues. The test takes about 15-20 minutes to complete and covers skills such as coaching, feedback, teamwork and conflict management.
  • Employment contract: With our smart template you can, by answering a few questions, create an employment contract in real time and save it securely.
  • Personnel handbook: Answer a few questions about your company’s personnel policy and a real-time personnel handbook is created to serve as a documentation of your company’s personnel policy. Creates clarity and the right conditions for your organization and staff.
  • Employer certificate: An easy-to-use template for creating an employer certificate.
  • Development Talks: A smart template with practical tips for the development talk. What to think about before-during-after the conversation?

Automated financial processes  eliminates repetitive tasks

Through smooth automated workflows, the risk of manual errors is reduced and the business’ HR work is constantly updated. The time freed up can instead be spent on e.g. strategy work and other value-creating activities.

  • We add integrations to various HR systems and LMS and, if necessary, we create custom integrations to the systems that contain data to be entered into the personnel systems. Automatic set-up of the employee in Cooach Workplace providing access to the right systems. 

Notifications  based on data in our intelligent templates, eg:

  • Probationary period expires: receive automatic notifications when a probationary period is about to expire.


  • With our business support platform and API integrations with back office systems, we can generate automatic reports such as time and absence registration.

Integration partners



Professional employer *
SEK 0 per month
  • Create Employment Agreements
  • Create Employer Certificate
  • Create Personnel Handbook
  • Create Assignment Agreement
  • Create Framework Agreement
  • The leadership test - about leadership


Start making use of data in HR support *
From SEK 1 490 per month
  • Create Employment Agreements
  • Create Employer Certificate
  • Create Personnel Handbook
  • Create Assignment Agreement
  • Create Framework Agreement
  • The leadership test - about leadership
  • Follow-up of the Leadership Test
  • Built-in digital signing
  • Notifications by email
  • Chat support for HR issues
  • Salary program
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Build a custom HR department *
Quote Tailored. Priced according to needs analysis.
  • Create customized Employment Agreements
  • Create customized Employer Certificates
  • Create a customized Personnel Handbook
  • Create custom Assignment Agreements
  • Create custom Framework Agreements
  • The leadership test - about leadership
  • Follow-up of the Leadership Test
  • Built-in digital signing
  • Notifications by Email and Slack
  • Chat support for HR issues
  • Individual head coaching
  • Tailor-made agreements
  • Dedicated HR contact
  • Salary program

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