This digital business support package is tailored to shareholders, to help them manage their key roles and responsibilities. The service is aimed at shareholders and investors in start-ups as well as scale-ups.

Support in the shareholder role and capitalization

Today, many start-ups have access to venture capital, which makes the shareholder issue more complex. Tasks such as issuing shares, and involving tahe right people in co-ownership and options scheemes may be completely new to many. There are complex and important formalities, that need correct handling in order to minimise risks.

Shareholder responsibilities become even more complex as the number of shareholders grow, which is often the case when financing growth.

There are many pitfalls. For example, not having a solid shareholder agreement in place may not cause problems at an early stage, but will for certain become problematic once conflicts of interest arise. Or problems occuring when the founder looses control through shareholder dilution, and the financial consequences of this. Cooach subscriptions include, among other things, smart templates for these agreements.

There’s also a lot of formality that, handled incorrectly, can cost a lot of money. Everything from share registers going missing to issues being carried out incorrectly. In the worst case, an IPO or sale of the company can be scuppered by a lack of decision-making mechanisms. We set up procedures to remedy this.

In many start-ups, it is important to involve employees as shareholders as well. This is often done through stock option programmes. How to ensure that option schemes have the desired effect and that unnecessary tax risks do not arise? Coincidentally, we offer both templates and secured checklists for your option scheme.

This is included in subscriptions for shareholders

From self-service to shareholder strategies

Cooach GO

Get it right from the beginning

In our free version, you can get help with creating a shareholders’ agreement if you are starting a business, simply by answering a few questions. A share holder agreement from us is a very low-cost insurance to prevent you from being left without a guiding framework the day one of you wants to sell your shares or when you don’t get along. For do-it-yourself entrepreneurs, GO also has the tools for creating option programs, convertible loans, and other similar documents.

Cooach Business

Added functionality

Through a business subscription, the templates are transformed into living documents with notifications about calendar-controlled activities in an option program or a shareholders’ agreement. We also open up our chat support for shareholder issues which gives you access to the support needed when creating or interpreting documents.

Cooach Business

For companies with many transactions and complex needs

Premium is primarily aimed at companies whose value is rapidly increasing, and that thereby conduct more transitions and basically need more help. The premium subscription is often combined with one or more of our additional services. All templates and documents are tailored to your company and we add documents as needed. You also get a dedicated contact person who gets to know your company and thereby can act proactively.


Additional services for listed companies and other businesses with more complex needs

Digital share register

For companies with many shareholders with recurring transactions in the form of share transfers and issues. Our digital share register service includes both software for keeping the share register and all administration to keep the share register updated. All shareholders are given the opportunity to follow their shareholding and also see the value based on the last issue price. For companies aiming for a listing, our share register service may be a good alternative before joining Euroclear becomes obliged.

Option program management

Most growth companies want to attract key stakeholders, such as employees and consultants, by offering an option program. Cooach is involved in creating programs, but it is in the administration that Cooach adds value. Options are more tricky than stocks. How do you ensure that an employee fully understands the value of their options? What happens when an option holder quits? This and much more is handled by Cooach’s option program management.

Corporate Lawyer

Our lawyer-on-demand service help companies deal with more complex shareholder issues, such as the implementation of new issues of shares.


In the Pre-IPO service, Cooach acts as a temporary project manager and collaborates closely with legal advisers, stockbrokers and other advisers in connection with an IPO. Through good project management, costs can be kept down and schedules kept.

Capital raising and investor relations

Cooach collaborates with the digital capital raising platform “Pepicon” to help clients raise capital and manage investor relations.

Depending on the needs, Cooach assists with the preparation of investor presentations, financial information, share subscription administration and investor information. Saving time for the management and shareholders of the company carrying out the IPO so that the focus can be on working on the deal.


Urban Hobring

CFO on demand

Urban Hobring has more than 40 years of experience in accounting and finance from various  industries, of which the past 5 years as a consultant. 

Urban has held leading positions for both Swedish and global groups in accounting, business controlling, consolidation and treasury.

Urban joined Cooach in the autumn of 2020, with the assignment to conduct the consolidated financial statements of one of Cooach’s international clients active in the real estate industry. Since then, Urban has expanded his commitment and today, he has several assignments on behalf of Cooach.


"I joined Cooach because I liked the company's way of working and focus on simplifying and digitizing. My long experience and expertise in finance and accounting is valuable in the complex assignments that we carry out. I enjoy adding value to both Cooach and their customers."

Björn Petersson

CFO On-demand

Björn Petersson has more than 25 years of experience as CFO, business controller and from a number of different operational roles. Previously employed in Venture Capital-, state-owned-, listed- and privately owned companies, Björn has now been running his own business for five years with a focus on supporting small companies with strong entrepreneurs and owners.

Björn’s clients operate in a number of industries such as medtech, telecom, pharmaceuticals and investments.

For the past three years, Björn has collaborated with Cooach, where he works with our customers Radio Innovation and Flat Capital.

"The opportunity to offer customers a holistic business support concept, with access to experts completely on demand, is great. This makes the collaboration with Cooach both interesting and good for my self-development.

Tobias Fridman

Business lawyer on demand

Tobias has worked as a lawyer and business lawyer for more than 20 years, often with technology-driven companies such as Accenture, Verizon, Infor & IKEA Industry, as well as with start-ups.

Tobias holds a Master of Laws  from Stockholm University and has graduated from the General Management program at Harvard Business School.

"I am convinced of the fact that the legal industry will go through dramatic change over the coming years, spurred on by technology, and believe Cooach is well positioned to help clients benefit from this development. Cooach's business model gives small and medium-sized companies access to the level of business support that, prior to Cooach, only big corporations would have been able to afford."

This is part of the Cooach Toolbox for shareholders

The business subscription includes i.a. access to the digital toolbox Cooach Toolbox with smart templates such as:

  • Shareholder agreement: If the company has more than one shareholder, it is important that you draw up a shareholder agreement. You can easily create an agreement with our template that describes how the shareholders will own and run the company together and their rights and obligations towards each other.
  • Settlement note: Use this template to establish a settlement note between parties when a share transaction is to be completed between you. Our simple template regulates which share the transaction relates to, the number of shares, the price of the shares, how the share transfer is to take place and how the payment amount is to be paid.
  • Option program: If you need to draw up agreements for qualified employee stock options to be entered into with the employees, our template provides you with guidance so that you can easily and independently create the agreements through the platform.
  • Shareholder contribution:  A shareholder contribution is a way of increasing the company’s equity by bringing money or other assets into the company. Here you will find an easy-to-use template for shareholder contributions. It works for both conditional and unconditional shareholder contributions.
  • Convertible loan: Your company can increase its share capital by issuing convertibles. Our template helps you produce a promissory note in connection with a decision being made by the board or the general meeting on convertibles.

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Do it right from the start *
SEK 0 per month
  • Create Shareholder Agreement
  • Create Option Program
  • Create the documents for the convertible loan
  • Create Business Transfer Agreement


More functionality *
From SEK 1 490 per month
  • Create Shareholder Agreement
  • Create Option Program
  • Create the documents for the convertible loan
  • Create Business Transfer Agreement
  • Chat support for shareholder issues
  • Workflows with notifications for shareholders
  • Built-in digital signing with Hello Sign
  • Notifications by email
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For transaction-intensive companies *
From SEK 3 490 per month
  • Create Shareholder Agreement
  • Create customized Option programs
  • Create the documents for the convertible loan
  • Create Business Transfer Agreement
  • Chat support for shareholder issues
  • Workflows with notifications for shareholders
  • Built-in digital signing
  • Notifications by email and Slack
  • Tailor-made agreements
  • Dedicated contact for shareholder issues

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