The digital workplace

Cooach services for the digital office are divided into subscriptions that suit the needs of different businesses. The subscriptions can be supplemented with additional services within our 4 service lines.

Together for a better workplace

An efficient and secure digital workplace where everyone thrives is a hygiene factor today. It is needed in order be able to benefit from digital services that eliminate repetitive work, and to add the external competence required for maximum competitiveness.
The need to collaborate with others has never been greater.

Cooach provides a one-stop-shop solution for the digital workplace. However, the focus is not on the technology, but on the needs that arise when companies realise that the digital workplace presents both opportunities and challenges. And it is the employee and the human who are at the centre.

The digital workplace is all about being a modern workplace. This concept includes, at least according to our definition, values such as high service, transparency, flexibility, equality and sustainability.

Companies, regardless of size and industry, that subscribe to these values have a lot to gain from our service, which we call the Digital Workplace.

This is included in subscriptions for business owners

From self-service to a full-scale digital office

Cooach GO

This is where the journey towards digitization begins

Through a simple registration, an individual user account is created that gives immediate access to our business support platform. Already in GO, your company can take part of a complete digital workplace and Cooach Toolbox with smart and quality-assured templates for commonly used agreements and documents.

Whether you are a startup or an established company with hundreds of employees – here you take the first step to start using Cooach’s business support platform.

Cooach Business

Best for 1-10 users

Does your company lack a well-functioning digital workplace? From only SEK 2,490 per month we add, and configure, Slack and Google Workspace for your employees. Access is given through a uniform and secure login. Add other cloud applications yourself and you will soon have a complete digital workplace. You will also get access to Cooach’s entire business support platform.

Cooach Premium

Digital office + an IT department

By upgrading to Premium, in addition to a complete digital workplace, you also get a full IT department to configure and support you. The service includes a dedicated IT contact person. Best suited for 11-35 users.


The digital workplace - for businesses committed to growth


The digital workplace is your company’s primary workplace. But where will you sit? In collaboration with Quick Office, Cooach offers all subscription customers (Business or Enterprise) access to coworking spaces in Stockholm, Malmö and Fuengirola. From SEK 349 per month and with a 30% discount on conference rooms.

Company address, reception and mail handling

Sometimes it is necessary to have a business address. With a business address and staffed reception from Cooach, you can relax in the safe certainty that nothing will get lost.


Maria Schultz

IT support Digital workplace

Maria Schultz has extensive experience of business development and quality assurance of processes in various industries.

It comes in handy when we help our customers digitize and automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

She is based in Stockholm and also contributes to satisfied customers through training and IT support linked to the customer’s digital workplace.

"I like to contribute to smart technical solutions that reduce the administrative burden for our customers. I get energy from working with problem solving of various kinds, such as solving an IT issue together with a user or working with ongoing process development with the customer. "

Magdalena Reimann

IT support Digital workplace

Magdalena Reimann has worked in several roles at Cooach since 2018. 

Magdalena initially worked with accounting for Cooach’s customers, but in connection with Covid19, her focus shifted to helping companies solve the challenges of a digitalized way of working through onboarding, support and training in the digital tools.

In the Cooach IT support team, Magdalena helps customers’ employees with support and knowledge about the digital tools so that they can use them in the best way and thus work smarter and become more efficient in their work.

Originally Magdalena comes from Ireland but moved to Spain to enjoy the sun and heat all year round. With a degree in economics from University College Dublin and with experience from the travel industry, Magdalena has both the knowledge and understanding of customers’ issues and the experience of how to create the best service experience, which makes Magdalena an extremely appreciated support employee.

"I became part of Cooach to get the right conditions and opportunities to continue to develop within my area of expertise, to be part of an expert team but at the same time with the flexibility to be able to perform my work anywhere in the world."

Cooach Toolbox for owners

The business subscription includes i.a. access to the digital toolbox Cooach Toolbox with smart templates, for example:

  • Shareholders’ agreement: If the company has more than one shareholder, it is important that you draw up a shareholders’ agreement. You can easily create an agreement using our template that describes how the shareholders will own and run the company together and their rights and obligations towards each other.
  • Settlement note: Use this template to draw up a settlement note between parties when a share transaction is to be completed between you. Our simple template regulates the share to which the transaction relates, the amount of shares, the price of the shares, how the share transfer is to take place and how the settlement amount is to be paid.
  • Option program: If you need to develop agreements on qualified employee stock options which will be entered into with the employees, our template provides you with guidance so that you can easily and independently develop the agreements yourself through the platform.
  • Shareholder contribution: A shareholder contribution is a way of increasing the company’s equity by bringing money or other assets into the company. Here you will find an easy-to-use template for shareholder contributions. It works for both conditional and unconditional shareholder contributions.
  • Convertible loan: Your company can increase its share capital by issuing convertibles. Our template helps you produce a promissory note in connection with a decision being made by the board or the general meeting on convertibles.


Office 365




Do it right from the start *
SEK 0 per month
  • Access to the digital office
  • Access to Cooach Toolbox with smart templates


Best for between 1-10 users
From SEK 2 490 per month / user
  • Access to the digital office
  • Access to Cooach Toolbox with smart templates
  • Slack Plus licenses
  • Chat support for IT issues
  • Google Workspace Business Standard
Most popular


Best for 11-35 users.
From SEK 11 250 per month for 10 users
  • Access to the digital office
  • Access to Cooach Toolbox with smart templates
  • Slack Plus licenses
  • Chat support for IT issues
  • Google Workspace Business Standard
  • Full implementation of a digital workplace
  • A dedicated contact for the digital workplace

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