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As a Cooach Expert, you help growth companies succeed

You like the challenge with companies in the growth phase and you have experience with being involved in building successful companies. But today you want to be in charge of your own time, where you work and for whom you work. Welcome to Cooach Expert On-demand.

Cooach is a new concept for growth companies  – we offer a digital platform with systems, agreements and guides in Finance, HR, Law and shareholder-related issues in combination with on-demand access to experienced experts in the same service lines. 

We know that entrepreneurial companies often face a more advanced need for expert support from the first investment. At the same time, they are not at the stage where they can hire a CFO, HR manager or Lawyer full time. They need a CFO, Lawyer or HR On-demand.


your (future) colleagues

How and where we need your skills

These are the Cooach service areas


Increase accuracy, turnaround time, and productivity with Cooach’s automated and streamlined finance services.


Navigate the complex world of human resources with help from Cooach’s flexible products and experts.

Company administration

Maximize efficiency, and ensure structure in your Company’s Administration and Shareholder Management with Cooach’s flexible products.

Marketing & sales

Reach your business goals and stand out in a competitive market with Cooach’s marketing experts who provide a range of marketing services.

Customer insights

Get a deeper understanding of your customers, marketplace and product to drive business growth with Cooach’s customer insights service.

Cooach Expert Network

Suitable for you who

Want's to be at the forefront

As digitization increases, ever higher demand is placed on digital competence. It is no longer enough to be an expert in your field. You also need to be able to train customers in the ways of working in the future. We provide the tools and expertise to keep you at the forefront, regardless of your area of expertise.

Wants to become an expert in digital business support tools

As a Cooach expert, you get the key to Cooach Toolbox – a digital toolbox with service line-specific tools that streamline your and your clients’ daily work. It includes area-specific workflows, agreement robots (in HR, finance, and law) that create and efficiently establish legally correct agreements. These are fully tailored to your clients’ needs. There is also a data room for documents and agreement storage.

When you join the Cooach expert network, we train you in the Cooach Workplace digital business support platform. You will not only become a digital collaboration expert yourself but will also be able to support your clients in digitizing, and thus streamlining, their businesses. We also provide free workshops in digital business support in connection with our offices worldwide.

You will get

Access to more customers

Our mission in the expert network is to match the needs of the network and our clients with your specific skills. Being a expert network member can therefore bring more opportunities for new assignments, both long-term and short-term.

Colleagues, a team and someone to always help you

Regardless of the time of day or geographical residence, support is always close at hand in our expert network. Our self-service service and Cooachbot are just a click away, and a human support team is available during regular office hours.

A digital and physical workplace

As a expert, you always have an office near you, with full access to Cooach’s digital offices 24/7, but also to our office hubs in Stockholm, Malmö, Fuengirola, and Warsaw. We plan to open more hubs soon.

Malin Hansson

HR Manager

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