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Meet our new legal expert – Moa Holmgren

Meet our new legal expert – Moa Holmgren

Cooach has the great pleasure of welcoming Moa Holmgren, who has been working as a lawyer at Cooach since the turn of the year. The focus right now is to go through Cooach's automated agreement templates to ensure and improve them while the work is interspersed with ongoing issues from Cooach customers.

Moa has a law degree from Stockholm University and has been working as a Legal Counsel since November. In her studies, Moa focused on IT law, including how IoT (Internet of Things) is linked to GDPR.

“I believe that law will develop with the digitalisation that is taking place in society today. Right now, Legal Tech is an area that is extra important for law to keep up with the rapid change that is coming as a result of digitalisation. ”

Moa is employed by Fairplace , which provides sustainable organizations with the best talent through recruitment and advice. The ESG focus is well in line with Moa’s own values both in law and in her previous career as a badminton player.

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