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Voice of Employee (VoE)

Do you know if your employees are satisfied and productive? We know that being “satisfied” isn’t enough to motivate employees to unlock their full value within the organization. Therefore we give you the opportunity to have a free evaluation of how satisfied your employees are since this is inevitable for a productive workforce. After your employees conduct the first survey, you get the results with feedback from one of our HR specialists. Don’t forget – you need a team that will help you achieve milestones, and only satisfied team members can put their best foot forward. We are here to help!
What’s included:
  • A generic survey to get the voice of your employees
  • Your result analyzed and deliverd with feedback from an HR specialist
We can work for you
Ulla Rasmusson
Senior Payroll Administrator

Ulla Rasmusson

Ulla Rasmusson has long and broad experience in all parts of the payroll process. Ulla has had several roles in the payroll area and has been solely responsible for the entire payroll process at most employers.
Kristina Lindman
HR on demand

Kristina Lindman

Kristina Lindman has solid experience in various positions in the HR area. Kristina has worked in several industries and businesses and also has experience in both management team and board work.
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Cooach’s Payroll Services ensure an efficient and accurate employee payroll process, including employee reporting and certifying via Cooachbot HR.

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Cooach HR advisory/HRM on demand provides assistance for all HR-related needs. Improve employee experience and satisfaction with our proactive approach.

Subscription HR

With an HR subscription, you get a quarterly Voice of Employees (VoE), HR performance indicator and chat support from your HR specialist.

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