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A strategy for launch

Your investors demand that you have a well-thought-out go-to-market strategy. And your company needs it regardless. Without a strategy, there is a great risk of jumping back and forth without getting ahead. A good product is not enough.

With Cooach experts, you get everything in place to invest correctly and achieve growth. It will also help you raise capital at a reasonable valuation. With a good strategy in place, you will be able to communicate effectively both internally and externally.
Cooach helps you develop a well-developed strategy for how you will go to market. The strategy covers:

  • Ideal customer definition
  • Market segmentation
  • Persona analysis and definition of the buying journey
  • Value proposition and your sales pitch
  • Channel strategy (directly or through partners)
  • Organization and resources
  • In what steps should your digital business generation develop and where should you start

We run creative workshops together (physically or digitally), analyze your market, document everything so you can present your strategy to investors, the board and to those who will help you execute.

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