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Digital marketing is difficult and complex. Many things must be connected if there are to result. Many people try to find “the person who can do everything.” It fails nine times out of ten, at least. As a rule, it takes several different people with different skills to get the job done. But it is often too expensive and difficult to recruit and finance an entire marketing department. Marketing as a service provides a flexible solution that scales with your company and works towards clear business goals.

Marketing as a Service by Cooach performs the operational work required to achieve results. Things like Google AdWords, SEO, LinkedIn campaigns, Facebook advertising, copywriting, graphic design, webinars, film, photography, web development, marketing automation, and CRM systems.

You should never need an additional marketing partner. The marketing function focuses on four things. We decide the priority together.

  1. To make yourself better known to your target group
  2. Generate leads
  3. Increase your close rate
  4. Increase your customer loyalty

To be successful with digital marketing, three things are required.

  1. Relevant offers and content tailored to your target group
  2. An agile process for the work itself to carry out consistent marketing
  3. A complete digital infrastructure that enables quick action

Marketing as a Service by Cooach gives you access to marketing and sales professionals who work according to proven methods so that you can calmly focus on other things. The team is set up to suit your strategy and is flexible over time.

We work in two-week sprints or even more frequently if there are really fast turnarounds. We have quarterly meetings where we together create a focus on the goals to be achieved in the coming quarters and which improvement projects are required for us to rise to the next level.

Feel free to combine “Marketing as a service” with “CMO on demand,” and you get everything from strategy to implementation in one package.

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