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Cooach Invests

Supporting the funding of the investment phase

Cooach has a unique investment process that enables entrepreneurs to access business support and funding to best get through the tough ramp-up phase.

Cooach's investment model:


Business Support for Equity

Cooach’s initial investment is usually made by providing the required business support in return for partial payment in equity. And it should be no secret. This enables us to filter the really interesting company and present them to investors and our investment funds.


Cooach Equity Fund

Cooach Equity is a management company that creates and administrates funds for investments in companies that are entering or are in the ramp-up phase. Investments are usually made together with others in a seed or Serie-A funding round.


Capital raise and Advisory

Cooach Corporate Finance supports companies with capital acquisition at various stages and has a large network of investors to whom we continuously present investment cases that we ourselves want to invest in.


Create a Workplace account and get access to the Cooach Services platform

With a Cooach Workplace account, you can log in to Cooach’s Single-Sign-On platform where you will find the GO version of Cooach’s toolbox with various self-service tools and our Service platform with potential equity financing calculations.


Choose one of our three Packages and tailor it to your specific needs by deleting and adding products

Match your business needs with Cooach’s cost effective services and see how far an Equity investment from Cooach would help support your business growth. 

We provide services in six areas:

  • Finance
  • HR  
  • Company administration 
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Customer experience
  • Corporate Finance


Send us a Request form wanting to know more about Cooach services and a potential investment from Cooach

When you have choosen needed Business Support Services for your company growth, it´s time to send Cooach a request form including a little bit more information about your company. 

Cooach will then get back to you in order to get to know you and your company better, hoping that it would lead to a strong partnership, possibly also with an investment in your company. Growing the business together.

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Cooach is a pan-European service provider and investor specialising in helping entrepreneurs through the entire investment phase. Book a meeting and let us tell you more about how we  can help you.  

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