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About Cooach

A one-stop shop solution for the entire investment phase

Cooach is a pan-European service provider and investor specialising in helping entrepreneurs through the entire investment phase.

About Us

Cooach was founded in 2017 to support growth companies with accounting and CFO services. As we have evolved, we have expanded our offerings to become a comprehensive one-stop shop for business support. Our team, which has grown from a single individual to a diverse group of contributors across multiple countries, utilizes the same approach we offer our clients to drive our growth.

In 2020, we founded Cooach CX to further enhance our capabilities in measuring customer experience and promoting long-term growth. This was followed by our acquisition of Business Reflex, one of Sweden’s leading digital marketing agencies for growth generation, in 2022. These endeavors have solidified our position as a complete business services company, poised to assist growth companies in achieving their full potential.

Our Mission

At Cooach, our mission is to empower growth companies to achieve their full potential by providing comprehensive business support services and products. We provide expertise in specific professional areas where the small growth company typically lacks expertise because a complete business support team usually only exists in established companies.

We strive to be a one-stop shop for our clients, offering various services and solutions, including Finance, HR, company administration, marketing and customer experience. Our powerful digital products include Cooach Toolbox® and Workplace® and Cooachbot.

Our goal is to help our clients navigate the challenges of growing a business in today’s digital landscape and to drive long-term success and growth ultimately.

Building Cooach we had a few guiding principles: automation, work-life balance, and remote work were the single most important. Based on these principles, we have created an organization built to develop services and serve customers in the best possible way. We use a digital office to integrate remote workers, a network of independent experts, and our customers into a functioning whole.

We believe in a customer-centric approach and tailor our solutions to meet our client’s specific needs and help them reach their goals.

Our Vision

At Cooach, our vision is to become a leading pan-European business support platform, offering a wide range of services and digital products to meet the diverse needs of our growing businesses.

Our goal is to become a one-stop shop for growth companies, offering a comprehensive suite of tools and applications that utilize the latest advancements in AI technology to automate repetitive and mundane tasks. This allows our clients to focus on their core business activities while we care for the rest.

We aim to expand it further and bring more talent to help us build business applications and tools to make running a business easy. Our team of experts, drawn from diverse backgrounds, brings extensive knowledge and experience to the table. With our passion for innovation and our dedication to client satisfaction, we’re confident that we can help any business reach its full potential.


C-F Morander

Founder and CEO
Meet Cooach’s founder. With a background as a serial entrepreneur, Carl-Fredrik has extensive experience in establishing and building companies in finance and business support, from a variety of markets. Carl-Fredrik also acts as an advisor to owners and management teams of growth companies.

Fredrik Carlqvist

Fredrik has solid experience as CFO and COO in several large companies. For the past 10 years, Fredrik has primarily worked as a CFO consultant for a large number of entrepreneurial companies.

Maria Cepero

COO and head of South
Our COO, Maria, was born in lovely Granada but has worked in an international environment for many years. With high energy and great passion for the work she has held roles like CFO, Head of Business Support, Quality- and Project manager. Since beginning of 2023 Maria is also leading the expansion of Cooach in Spain.

Eric Hansson

CCO and head of North
Eric is an experienced financial services executive having held senior positions within industries like finance, collections and payments from some of Europe’s leading companies. With his vast commercial background and his understanding of the everyday needs of a business leader he helps current and new clients to succeed and reach their targets.

Marta Giera

Head of Central
Marta joined Cooach in 2020 and has 10 years of experience from managing cross-border projects in the field of customer experience and finance. Besides coordinating various assignments in Central Europe, Marta also leads the pan-European Cooach CX team. Marta holds a Magister degree in Business Administration from the University of Lublin.

Ulrika Strömberg

Chairman of the board
Chairman of the Board since 2022, member since 2020. Ulrika serves on the boards of several companies, including public ones. Ulrika is an entrepreneur from the financial sector.

Christina Morander

Board member
Member since 2017. Active as CFO for Addlife, listed on Nasdaq. Christina has a long experience in accounting and has, among other things, worked as a certified public accountant.

Thomas Anderberg

Board member
Member since 2021. Digital strategist and investor, active as a senior advisor through his own company. Has extensive experience in helping international organizations to streamline processes in Finance, HR and Supply Chain.

Anders Hermansson

Board member
Member since 2022. Digital strategist with many years of experience in international sales and marketing. Co-founder and CEO of digital agency Business Reflex.

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Cooach is a pan-European service provider and investor specialising in helping entrepreneurs through the entire investment phase. Book a meeting and let us tell you more about how we  can help you.  

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