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Reduce the risk of being stuck in the “valley of death” just because your marketing strategy doesn´t work!


Cooach Marketing & Sales services is the one-stop shop for all your marketing needs. Our experts provide a full range of marketing services to support growth. 

We understand the importance of a solid marketing campaign and have the skills and expertise to help you scale up. With our in-house approach, we can help you build a team that takes full advantage of the latest AI developments. But we also get involved in the day-to-day work of integrating marketing and sales.

Cooach also helps with branding, graphic design and SEO to help you build your brand and connect with your target audience.

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Business Area Subscription Marketing and Sales

With a Sales & Marketing subscription, you get a monthly measurement and chat support from your expert in lead generation.

CMO on demand

Access a senior marketing expert for marketing strategy and go-to-market plans & presentations, all without having to pay a full-time salary.

Marketeer on demand

Specializing in digital marketing, promotion, and content creation, our on-demand marketers will serve as an efficient and cost-effective team.
Creating the brand
Pitch deck design
CRM implementation
New webb
Pre IPO marketing
Strategy for new markets

The modern marketing function

According to studies, the modern B2B and B2C buyer is forever digital and wants to drive the process in his or her way, when suitable. The modern market function is fully adapted to these new conditions.

When the focus is on creating business, marketing and sales need to be in the same boat to create the most efficient journey possible for the buyer. The market function measures the value of everything that is done. They work data-driven and with agile methods as a natural working model to constantly optimise and streamline.

Book a free consultation with a digital strategist where we offer a 60-minute consultation where we go through what your transformation journey can look like in line with your growth journey. Our starting point is your current situation and the goal is a fully integrated digital business process.

Anders Hermansson
Marketing consultant

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We solve your urgent needs

As a growing company, you often need help with various types of efforts over time. We are experts in most areas that are important for you to succeed in growing your company with adequate support in modern marketing.

Go-to-market strategy

Your investors demand it, and your team needs it. Without a strategy, the journey will be very wobbly, and there is a significant risk that you will fail on your growth journey. Together with your expertise and our experience from over 100 growth companies, we use our proven method to create a go-to-market strategy that gives you and your investors the security you need to grow.

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Brand platform

Over time, the brand is likely to be your most important asset. All surveys show that branding is becoming increasingly important for success. You need to package it early and work methodically to fill it with the value over time, and in the end, it will pay off for both your customers, yourself, and your investors.

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Graphic profile

We create your graphic profile so that you look really professional in all channels as you grow with new customers. We can enhance what you already have, or start from scratch and create your entire identity including the logo. It allows you to promote your brand consistently right from the start.

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Professional sales presentation

Get yourself a professional sales presentation that all your salespeople can use. It must have the same basic message and highlight the value of your offer, but be adaptable to different customer situations.

Professional pitch presentation

Highlight the investment case in a professional pitch presentation to bring in the right money at the right valuation and continue your journey.

Modern website

A modern website should explain your offer at lightning speed and also have room for valuable content for your potential customers. The website should be easy to manage since your business constantly develops.

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Implement CRM systems

With our help, you can implement a CRM system to get all customer data in order, and your salespeople can work efficiently and professionally. We know several market-leading systems like for example HubSpot and Sharpspring.

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Implement Market Automation Systems

Today, marketing automation is as necessary as financial systems. With the help of our experts, you get a system that covers the entire buying journey where you control all your prospects. We help with lead generation and close rates on your deals. We know several market-leading systems like for example HubSpot and Sharpspring.

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SEO (search engine optimization) and Google advertising

Your customers Google all the time. Make sure that your offer comes up in the search results and that your ads are visible when that happens. You get a well-thought-out advertising campaign and a strategy for SEO that delivers and develops your digital presence over time.

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Advertising in social media

When you want to be seen on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, our experts can set up advertising campaigns that reach the right target group on social channels.

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Create blogs and guides

When there is not enough time to write texts for blogs, white papers, and guides, our writers help and create relevant content for your buyers.

Pitch video/animation

Explain your offer quickly and easily with video or animation. Our video professionals take you all the way from start to published video.

Brand video

Highlight your brand in a powerful video that can be cut in multiple formats to fit both the web and social media.

Digital customer forum

Let your customers get involved via a digital customer forum. Customers can register on your website to create their profile pages, ask questions, post tips, have private conversations, and more. A customer forum also contributes to increased visibility on Google.

Press release and PR work

With the help of our writers, you can quickly produce professional press releases, regardless of whether it’s about closing a round, recruiting a key person, or getting a great new client. We can also work as PR consultants and actively work to get exciting press releases into the media.

Professional annual report

Your annual report gets a professional look representing your brand correctly and that you can proudly hand out to your owners and other stakeholders.

Stands for tradeshows

When it’s time for the tradeshow, you get a professional stand design that highlights your offer correctly.

Product sheet or brochure

When you need a printed brochure or PDF, we help you with design, layout, illustrations, and text.

CMO on demand

Get yourself an expert who really knows modern marketing on a strategic level. A leader who ensures that things happen on the market and that the results come.

You get a strategic sounding board to sit in your management team and be visible to the outside if you wish. But you don’t have to hire or pay full-time.

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Marketing as a service

Marknadsföring och försäljningYou get a complete marketing function with access to all the skills required to build a brand, create leads, increase the close rate on your deals and gain customers. You will have peace of mind as we work according to well-proven methods where you have full transparency but can let go of the details. You don’t have to recruit and be the marketing staff manager, and we shift resources depending on the competence and volume needed. The service scales seamlessly with your business.

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Growth Generating Model

With our Growth Generation Model, we have a method for growth. You get a Retainer Lead who becomes your marketing manager. The Retainer Lead works to achieve your growth goals.

We work in two-week sprints with sprint meetings, quarterly and annual meetings. In between, the Retainer Lead and the Retainer Consultants work independently to build your brand, create leads, and increase the close rate and customer loyalty.

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