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Cooach Workplace is an innovative business solution that streamlines the way organizations work on digital business applications. Our platform provides a secure and easy-to-use Single Sign-On (SSO) solution for access to over 300 business SaaS applications, including Slack and Google Workspace.

With Cooach Workplace, organizations can take full advantage of the benefits of digitalization by centralizing and simplifying access to the tools they use every day.

Cooach Workplace also includes Cooach Toolbox, with a suite of smart templates and workflows designed to enhance productivity and collaboration. Upgrade your organization’s workflow with Cooach Workplace and experience the future of digital work.

Cooach business development platform

Cooach Business Support is exactly what it sounds like. We support the business of our clients. To do this, our teams need to be fully integrated into your organisation. Both organisationally and with your strategy and vision. That is why we have developed a platform that clarifies Cooach’s role in the organisation and that can be used to support the overall strategic work of the business.

We prioritize the safety of our customers

Of course, it is convenient to use the same simple password on all our apps and services. But the problem of data intrusion is increasing sharply, which can damage the core of the business.

We combine simplicity with security. On Cooach’s integrated business support platform, only a single login ID is required, which provides access to all the business’s systems and to our entire business support function.

This is made possible through the collaboration with onelogin .


A prerequisite for automating the business support environment is that different systems talk to each other seamlessly and efficiently. We integrate with some of the market’s leading tools, for an optimal and business-adapted customer experience.

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Business Area Subscription Finance

With a Finance subscription, you get access to a financial controller, a financial reporting tool, and a financial performance indicator.
With a Finance subscription, you get access to a financial controller. We start by connecting your existing accounting data to our financial reporting tool. With the help of existing financial data, the financial controller analyses and benchmark your company against similar companies. In a first follow up meeting we define the most important financial key figure for your business and create a performance indicator by setting your performance in relation to what is a great performance.
What’s included:
  • Financial reporting tool
  • Financial performance indicator
  • Chat support from your financial controller
  • Monthly follow up of actions
  • Monthly cash flowforecast
  • Financial planning / budgeting
  • test by developer


We help with bookkeeping of all the payable and receivable business transactions and account reconciliations.
Cooach’s accounting services are designed to streamline your bookkeeping process and ensure accuracy in records. We take care of all aspects of your accounting, from daily bookkeeping updates to period closings. This allows you to have access to up-to-date financial information and the ability to make informed decisions for your business. We also ensure compliance with all regulations and reconciliations of specific accounts such as a bank, tax authority, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. With Cooach’s accounting, you can focus on core business while we take care of the numbers.
What’s included:
  • Booking of accounts payables
  • Booking of accounts receivables
  • Booking of payroll
What’s not included:
  • Monthly closing
From 1990 SEK


Cooach Closing provides accurate, timely financial reporting and reconciliation on a monthly/ quarterly/ half-yearly, and/or annual basis.
Cooach’s closing is designed to give you accurate and timely financial reporting. We handle the reconciliation of financial statements on a schedule that suits you, be it monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis. We ensure all accounts are balanced and provide periodic reports to give you a clear understanding of your business’s results. Our closing service ensures compliance with all regulations and gives you peace of mind, allowing you to focus on growing your business. We provide clear and consistent communication throughout the process. Trust Cooach to handle your closing process efficiently and effectively.
What’s included:
  • Reconsiliation of accounts
  • Communication of reconsiled accounts
What’s not included:
  • Management reporting and additional work related to special requirements
  • Consolidation of group accounts
From 1750 SEK

CFO on demand

With a CFO on demand, a scale up company access the competence of a large company’s more strategic CFO.
Our partner program provides CFOs with experience in different industries. By not seeing the CFO as part of a function, we enable a scale up company to capitalize from a strategic competence at an affordable cost. How? By letting Cooach handle the repetitive work connected to accounting, production of monthly reporting and external financial reporting, we enable an experienced strategic CFO to focus on supporting management and the board, resulting in fewer hours and lower costs for your company. The flexibility in terms of costs and commitment is a huge advantage.
What’s included:
  • Dedicated resource
  • Coordination with other Cooach resources

Financial Reporting

With Financial Reporting, receive an accurate and compliant financial report based on the decided format, tailored to your needs, and ready for publishing.
The Financial Reporting service will give you accurate and timely financial reports on a quarterly and/or half-yearly basis for your stakeholders and record keeping. The Cooach delivery will work with you to determine the format of the report and create a first draft for review. Once all stakeholders are satisfied, the report will be ready for publishing. Trust Cooach to handle your financial reporting needs efficiently and effectively, giving you peace of mind to focus on core business.
What’s included:
  • Quarterly report
  • Half-year report
What’s not included:
  • Annual reporting
  • Implementation beyond standardised report

Group Consolidation

Get a comprehensive overview of consolidated accounts for group companies with Cooach’s Group Consolidation, compliant with K3 and/or IFRS standards.
Cooach’s Group Consolidation provides a comprehensive overview of the financials for your group of companies. We consolidate accounts in compliance with K3 and/or IFRS standards, and conduct suitable eliminations such as reconciliation of intercompany accounts and profit/loss distribution. Our consolidation is conducted in Konsolidator, which is a modern system that allows for efficient collaboration. We ensure the consolidated accounts are communicated in a format that is tailored to your company, providing a basis for decision making and optimal analysis of the financial statements. With Cooach’s Group Consolidation, you can streamline financial reporting and make informed decisions for your group of companies.
What’s included:
  • Consolidation of group accounts
What’s not included:
  • Management reporting and additional work related to special requirements
From 9000 SEK

Annual report (K2)

Annual Report (K2) service provides accurate & compliant financial reports in accordance with K2, giving stakeholders a clear picture of your company’s performance.
Cooach’s Annual Report (K2) service ensures that your company’s financial statements are prepared in compliance with the regulations set out in the Swedish Companies Act. The report is prepared in accordance with the accounting standards set out in K2 to provide assurance on the accuracy and completeness of the financial information presented. With Cooach’s Annual Report (K2) service, you can get a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual report that provides a clear and accurate picture of your company’s financial performance to stakeholders and helps make informed decisions.
What’s included:
  • Annual report in accordance with K2
What’s not included:
  • Financial reporting such as quarterly or half-yearly reports
  • Annual report in accordance with K3 and/or IFRS.
  • Declaration
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Implementation beyond standardized report
From 3900 SEK

Annual report (K3/IFRS)

Get accurate and compliant annual reports for your financial statements, in accordance with K3/IFRS regulations for stakeholders and legal purposes.
We provide annual report services in accordance with K3 and/or IFRS standards in close co-operation with your company to ensure the report format is tailored to your needs and effectively communicates your financial performance. Our annual report services include a first draft for stakeholders’ review, adjustments, and finalization for publishing and registration with the Companies Registry. Trust Cooach to handle your annual report needs with efficiency and accuracy.
What’s included:
  • Annual report in accordande with K3 and/or IFRS
What’s not included:
  • Financial reporting such as quarterly or half-yearly reports
  • Annual report in accordance with K2
  • Declaration
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Implementation beyond standardised report
From 13000 SEK

Business Area Subscription Marketing and Sales

With a Sales & Marketing subscription, you get a monthly measurement and chat support from your expert in lead generation.
A Sales and Marketing subscription provides you with a personal expert in digital lead generation. We start the journey towards a more efficient sales process by calculating the most important key figure, namely the time it takes to earn the cost of bringing in a new customer (CAC payback period). We put your company’s metrics in relation to the goal and you get an index that is visualised in the Dashboard in our portal. A monthly measurement and follow up meeting dedicated expert in lead generation is included. Together we streamline the process and reduce the cost of customer acquisition.
What’s included:
  • Monthly KPI measurement
  • Chat support from your digital lead generation expert
  • Monthly follow up of action

CMO on demand

Access a senior marketing expert for marketing strategy and go-to-market plans & presentations, all without having to pay a full-time salary.
CMO on Demand gives access to a senior marketing professional to drive your offering clarification and go-to-market strategy. This service is ideal for businesses that do not require a full-time Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) but still need the expertise and guidance of a seasoned professional. Our CMOs on Demand are a highly qualified, senior experts who will support you in developing strategy and producing presentations to the board and investors. You can ensure that your business stays ahead of the competition by leveraging the latest marketing trends, technologies, and strategies.  
What’s included:
  • Dedicated CMO resource
  • Product offering definition
  • Go to market strategy
  • Presentations to board and investors

Marketeer on demand

Specializing in digital marketing, promotion, and content creation, our on-demand marketers will serve as an efficient and cost-effective team.
Marketeer on Demand service provides highly skilled professionals in various areas of marketing, including SEO, advertising, web development, copywriting, graphic design, PR, photography, film, and animation. Our experts will work with you on an operational level to deliver results that align with your business goals. The service can be tailored to suit your specific needs, whether you have a single project or an ongoing engagement. Our cost-effective and experienced team will work closely with you in your marketing efforts and help you achieve your desired outcomes.
What’s included:
  • Dedicated Marketeer resources

Business Area Subscription Customer Experience Insight

A subscription to customer experience insight incl. quarterly Voice of Customer (VoC) surveys to get feedback on crucial experience drivers for your Business.
We provide you with customer insights gathered by conducting quarterly Voice of Customer (VoC) surveys provide complex feedback on key moments of contact with customers and customers’ needs and expectations that need to be fulfilled to be competitive in the market. Finally, you gain a clear indication on how to create the best customer experience ever and how to deliver it consistently. Our VoC survey results in two metrics that are benchmarked and visualized in a Dashboard in our portal. A specialist will present the result and advice on appropriate measures where deemed necessary.
What’s included:
  • Quarterly measurement VoC survey
  • Monthly reconciliation meeting
Tailor-made and more frequent surveys can be offered against quotation.

Voice of Customer (VoC)

Voice of Customers (VOC) survey is a unique tool to regularly measure and enhance the customer experience with your products and services.
VOC is one of the easiest and most popular ways of indicating how customers feel while interacting with your company. The survey allows you to gather complex feedback on key moments of contact with customers and crucial experience drivers for your business. The VOC survey brings a new perspective on customers’ needs and expectations expressed in clear KPI’s and what to change or implement in order for your company to build a competitive advantage in the market. Finally, you gain a clear indication on how to create the best customer experience ever and how to deliver it consistently.
What’s included:
  • A generic survey to get the voice of your customers
  • KPI’s: NPS (Net Promoter Score) and CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score)
Original price was: 15000 SEK.Current price is: 0 SEK.

Business Area Subscription Company Administration

A Company Administration subscription includes an in-house lawyer specialized in helping growth companies with company administration.
With a Company Administration subscription, you get your own in-house lawyer who specializes in helping growth companies keep track of what is required for an efficient company administration. The work of identifying and continuously improving company administration takes place on the basis of an company administration index that is updated monthly. We start our journey with a self-assessment survey which takes you a few minutes to fill in. In a first meeting we pinpoint what is considered being problematic and what measures can be taken to improve.
What’s included:
  • Monthly one pager report
  • Company admin performance indicator
  • Chat support from your Company admin specialist
  • Monthly follow up of actions

Legal advisory

Cooach experienced corporate lawyers support your company by the hour or via our monthly subscription PREMIUM.
Cooach offers senior corporate legal advisory via our monthly subscription Premium or by the hour. This suits companies working according to a complex legal framework and/or companies that carry out transactions with a need for legal business support. Cooach has a large network of experienced corporate lawyers who are matched to the company’s current needs. We offer ongoing legal corporate advisory as a monthly subscription or on an hourly basis, entirely according to your needs.
What’s included:
  • Dedicated coorporate legal advisory resource
  • Coordination with other Cooach resources

Stock options program

Cooach helps you with stock option programs that align with your company’s strategy and comply with laws and regulations.
Cooach’s stock options service aligns with your organization’s strategy and culture while adhering to all laws and regulations. Stock options allow employees to participate in the company’s growth by purchasing shares at a predetermined price, potentially selling them at a higher market value or receiving dividends. A stock option program motivates and retains top talent while promoting long-term success for your company. We provide you with all the necessary documents and ensure compliance throughout the process.

Data room

Get organized with Cooach’s Data Room. We create a virtual space for all your legal docs & improve management efficiency for due diligence.
Cooach Data Room Services organizes and manages all your company’s legal documents in a secure location. We help you set up a virtual data room using a platform of your choice such as Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox. We assist in relocating all your legal documents, such as employment agreements, consultant agreements, rental agreements, and more. This service is highly recommended for companies that want to improve their document management routine or prepare for due diligence. We will work with you to ensure that your data room is easy to navigate and update, providing you with better control and oversight.  
What’s included:
  • Start-up meeting
  • Collection of documents
  • A structured Data room
  • Way of working for the future
What’s not included:
  • licenses
From 4500 SEK

Share register services

We transfer your share Register to the world-leading platform: Nordic Securities Depositary platform for accurate tracking and compliance.
Cooach’s Share Register Service is a solution for managing and maintaining your company’s shareholder information. We transfer your existing share register to the platform Nordic Securities Depositary (Nordiska Värdepappersregistret, NVR), which is a world-leading securities depositary for unlisted companies. This ensures compliance with the Swedish Companies Act (ABL) and makes it easy to keep track of your shareholders and shareholdings. With our service, you can rest assured that your company’s share register is in good hands and easily accessible.
What’s included:
  • Start-up meeting
  • Updated share register on Nordic Securities Depositary (Nordiska
  • Värdepappersregistret, NVR)

AGM, Annual general meeting

Conduct a successful AGM with Cooach’s support, including preparation of all necessary documentation and guidance on regulations
Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a mandatory meeting that must be held within six months* of the end of each financial year for all companies. Cooach AGM service helps companies carry out the process of conducting an Annual General Meeting and ensures compliance with all regulations. Our service includes preparing all necessary documentation before, during, and after the general meeting to ensure a smooth and successful experience. With Cooach, you can rest assured that your AGM will be conducted efficiently and in accordance with the law. *Swedish Law
What’s included:
  • Start-up meeting
  • All documents needed for a general meeting
  • Reports to the Swedish Companies Registration Office

Business Area Subscription HR

With an HR subscription, you get a quarterly Voice of Employees (VoE), HR performance indicator and chat support from your HR specialist.
With an HR subscription, you get access to a HR specialist and a quarterly Voice of Employees (VoE) survey measuring behaviours, perceptions, attitudes and work satisfaction. You can easily check how employees perceive the salary system, development opportunities, work tools or vision of the company etc. Our VoE survey results in two metrics that are benchmarked and put into context. An Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) which is a metric that assesses employees’ job satisfaction and an employee Index % – an indicator that shows the overall engagement level based on the key powerful drivers.  
What’s included:
  • VoE quarterly report
  • HR performance indicator
  • Chat support from your HR specialist
  • Monthly follow up of actions

Payroll services

Cooach’s Payroll Services ensure an efficient and accurate employee payroll process, including employee reporting and certifying via Cooachbot HR.
Cooach Payroll Services provide a comprehensive and efficient payroll solution for your business. Our team of experts handles all aspects of the payroll process, ensuring accurate and timely payments for your employees. With our Slack Cooachbot HR, we send payroll reports to employees and respective channels so that you have complete control and visibility over the payroll process. Our experienced team is available to answer any questions or concerns. Trust Cooach to manage your payroll needs and allow you to focus on your core business.
What’s included:
  • Manage and calculate benefits
  • Contact/reporting to authorities
What’s not included:
  • Extended inquiry (individual cases) within the payroll area
  • Scheduling

HR advisory

Cooach HR advisory/HRM on demand provides assistance for all HR-related needs. Improve employee experience and satisfaction with our proactive approach.
Cooach HR advisory/HRM on demand offers a modern and comprehensive approach to handling all HR-related issues throughout the employee lifecycle. Our experts are equipped with the latest standards and technological tools to address the evolving demands of today’s workforce and provide tailored advice to meet your organization’s unique needs. We believe in a proactive approach to improving the employee experience and creating satisfaction, and we strive to help your company become an attractive employer with high employee satisfaction. Trust Cooach to provide the HR advisory/HRM on demand that will take your business to the next level.  
What’s included:
  • Help within HR area in Cooach Toolbox
  • By the hour customized help within the HR area
What’s not included:
  • Licenses for external tools
  • Marketing material for example Employer branding

Voice of Employee (VoE)

Voice of Employees (VoE) survey lets you take the employees’ pulse by measuring behaviours, perceptions, attitudes and work satisfaction.
Do you know if your employees are satisfied and productive? We know that being “satisfied” isn’t enough to motivate employees to unlock their full value within the organization. Therefore we give you the opportunity to have one free evaluation of how satisfied your employees are since this is inevitable for a productive workforce. After your employees conduct the first survey, you get the results with feedback from one of our HR specialists. You can then subscribe to a quarterly survey and follow the voice of your Employees.
What’s included:
  • A generic survey to get the voice of your employees
  • KPI’s: eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) and Employee Index %
Original price was: 5000 SEK.Current price is: 0 SEK.

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