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Cooach Closing provides accurate, timely financial reporting and reconciliation on a monthly/ quarterly/ half-yearly, and/or annual basis.
Cooach’s closing is designed to give you accurate and timely financial reporting. We handle the reconciliation of financial statements on a schedule that suits you, be it monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis. We ensure all accounts are balanced and provide periodic reports to give you a clear understanding of your business’s results. Our closing service ensures compliance with all regulations and gives you peace of mind, allowing you to focus on growing your business. We provide clear and consistent communication throughout the process. Trust Cooach to handle your closing process efficiently and effectively.
What’s included:
  • Reconsiliation of accounts
  • Communication of reconsiled accounts
What’s not included:
  • Management reporting and additional work related to special requirements
  • Consolidation of group accounts
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More financial services

CFO on demand

With a CFO on demand, a scale up company access the competence of a large company’s more strategic CFO.


We help with bookkeeping of all the payable and receivable business transactions and account reconciliations.

Group Consolidation

Get a comprehensive overview of consolidated accounts for group companies with Cooach’s Group Consolidation, compliant with K3 and/or IFRS standards.

Annual report (K2)

Annual Report (K2) service provides accurate & compliant financial reports in accordance with K2, giving stakeholders a clear picture of your company’s performance.

Annual report (K3/IFRS)

Get accurate and compliant annual reports for your financial statements, in accordance with K3/IFRS regulations for stakeholders and legal purposes.

Financial Reporting

With Financial Reporting, receive an accurate and compliant financial report based on the decided format, tailored to your needs, and ready for publishing.

Subscription Finance

With a Finance subscription, you get access to a financial controller, a financial reporting tool, and a financial performance indicator.

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