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Maximize efficiency and ensure good structure in your company's administration and shareholder management

Keep your company in compliance with efficient administration including Data Room organization, Share Register management, Stock Option Programs and AGM support.

Cooach’s Company Administration and Shareholder Services provide efficient and compliant support for managing your company’s administration and shareholders. Our services include Data Room, which helps you organize and store all your important documents in a secure and structured manner. 

Share Register service, which transfers your share register to the platform Nordic Securities Depositary (NVR) and ensures compliance with the ABL. Stock Option Programs tailored to your organization’s strategy and comply with laws and regulations. AGM support, which guides you through the process of conducting an Annual General Meeting. Cooach helps you with expertise and efficiency.

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Company Administration Subscription

A Company Administration subscription includes an in-house lawyer specialized in helping growth companies with company administration.

Legal advisory

Cooach experienced corporate lawyers support your company by the hour or via our monthly subscription PREMIUM.

Stock options program

Cooach helps you with stock option programs that align with your company’s strategy and comply with laws and regulations.

Data room

Get organized with Cooach’s Data Room. We create a virtual space for all your legal docs & improve management efficiency for due diligence.

Share register services

We transfer your share Register to the world-leading platform: Nordic Securities Depositary platform for accurate tracking and compliance.

AGM, Annual general meeting

Conduct a successful AGM with Cooach’s support, including preparation of all necessary documentation and guidance on regulations

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Efficient company administration starts with the board

Board work in a digitalized world places new demands on members, where transparency is a matter of course.

For externally financed companies, the Board of Directors is the central corporate body. The Board of Directors appoints the CEO and decides on the strategic direction of the company. But there is also a lot of formality to be fulfilled and in fast-growing companies, board meetings tend to become briefings from the CEO. Decision-making documents are often inadequate or distributed too close to the meeting.

Communication platforms like Slack and MS Teams allow everyone in the company to have access to the same information at the same time, which is something every company should embrace and benefit from. However, board work has so far only been marginally affected by this new reality of transparency.

Digital tools that have been developed to facilitate board work have primarily focused on the internal board work. But there is much more to it. The board of smaller growth-companies should be given better insight into the company’s daily operations, which is facilitated today by the use of digital communication platforms.

The result? An up-to-date and more independently working board of directors, and thus better able to evaluate the CEO and reassess strategies.

When meetings at the company are digitized, it is also possible for members with fully booked calendars to participate (more efficiently) or take part of “on-demand” (recorded) material. The new opportunities to participate in the company’s operations coincide with a need that has never been greater.

Everything is changing so much faster today and that requires real-time information rather than board meetings with power-point presentations. If this new way of involving the board in the business can be combined with effective handling of board formalities and follow-up of decisions and strategies, board work becomes a real asset for both shareholders and operational management.

Our experts

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Business lawyer on demand

Tobias Fridman

Meet Tobias, an experienced Senior Legal Counsel, bringing over 20 years of experience to the table. Tobias is committed to providing you with top-notch legal guidance and strategic advice tailored to your specific need. With Tobias by your side, you can rely on his legal expertise and support to effectively handle all your company’s legal needs.

Meet Tobias, an experienced Senior Legal Counsel, bringing over 20 years of experience to the table. Tobias is committed to providing you with top-notch legal guidance and strategic advice tailored to your specific need. With Tobias by your side, you can rely on his legal expertise and support to effectively handle all your company’s legal needs.

I strongly believe that the legal industry will go through dramatic change and automation in the next few years and believe that Cooach is well positioned to help clients take advantage of technology developments. The way Cooach works gives small and medium-sized companies the opportunity to get the same internal support that is otherwise only available at much larger companies.
CFO on demand

Fredrik Carlqvist

Fredrik Carlqvist has a degree in economics from Lund and has a background in IT, finance and administration, in both large and small companies.

Fredrik has, among other things, worked in the group management of a major Swedish company as well as been CEO and CFO of startups.

Fredrik is also CFO at Cooach.

“For the past 10 years I have been working digitally and I could easily draw the conclusion that Cooach, through its approach and offering, has the future.”​
Additional products

Products for companies and other businesses with complex needs

Our additional services complement the subscriptions and complete the growth company’s HR function. Of course, data-driven and fully integrated to be as efficient as possible. At the same time, the focus shifts from structure to development and value creation. All to make your company a winner as the workplace of the future is now being shaped. A workplace where employees and gig consultants work in parallel in a digital environment.

Annual General Meeting

During the pandemic, AGMs and other general meetings had to be organised digitially. Going forward, we will see more hybrid meetings where the physical and digital meetings are combined, which places demands on a number of practical and legal issues that must be addressed. For boards of smaller listed companies or companies with a dispersed ownership base, Cooach has a complete solution. From preparation of decisions and agenda to the physical premises for implementation and then follow-up and implementation of decisions.

Corporate Lawyer

In companies with a complex legal framework to follow or that carry out transactions in need of legal support, Cooach may appoint an experienced corporate lawyer. Through our subscription plan, both hours and costs can be limited.

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