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Stock options program

Cooach helps you with stock option programs that align with your company’s strategy and comply with laws and regulations.
Cooach’s stock options service aligns with your organization’s strategy and culture while adhering to all laws and regulations. Stock options allow employees to participate in the company’s growth by purchasing shares at a predetermined price, potentially selling them at a higher market value or receiving dividends. A stock option program motivates and retains top talent while promoting long-term success for your company. We provide you with all the necessary documents and ensure compliance throughout the process.
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More company administration & shareholders services

Data room

Get organized with Cooach’s Data Room. We create a virtual space for all your legal docs & improve management efficiency for due diligence.

Share register services

We transfer your share Register to the world-leading platform: Nordic Securities Depositary platform for accurate tracking and compliance.

AGM, Annual general meeting

Conduct a successful AGM with Cooach’s support, including preparation of all necessary documentation and guidance on regulations

Legal advisory

Cooach experienced corporate lawyers support your company by the hour or via our monthly subscription PREMIUM.

Subscription Company Administration

A Company Administration subscription includes an in-house lawyer specialized in helping growth companies with company administration.

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