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Accounting and CFO-services

Ensure support by accounting specialists who understand what it means to navigate a company through the funding phase

Cooach provides an accounting function that gradually adapts as the company develops. From a digital accounting service in the start-up company to a full-fledged finance function for the listed scale-up company.

Our finance services help you make better decisions and stay on top of everything at minimal costs and maximum flexibility.

No matter where in the investment phase Cooach comes in, we create and staff an appropriate finance department that evolves as needs change. Unlike a traditional accounting firm, we see ourselves as part of the company’s business support rather than an outsourced function. 

Our ambition is to constantly ensure that the various functions in the finance department are staffed in an optimal way. It is common for Cooach to provide a CFO on demand at the beginning of the ramp-up phase.

Cooach’s finance services provide comprehensive support for your business’s financial needs. Our services include accounting, closing, group consolidation, annual reports and financial reporting. We also offer CFO on demand to give you access to a dedicated financial expert. 

Our services ensure compliance with all laws and regulations, while providing accurate and timely financial reporting to present to your stakeholders and legal submissions. Trust Cooach to handle your financial needs efficiently and effectively, allowing you to focus on growing your business

Global contact

Maria Cepero

COO and head of Cooach South
Our COO, Maria, was born in lovely Granada but has worked in an international environment for many years. With high energy and great passion for the work she has held roles like CFO, Head of Business Support, Quality- and Project manager. Since beginning of 2023 Maria is also leading the expansion of Cooach in Spain.
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Liquidity planning and initital monthly reporting
Forecasting and KPIs
CFO services
Business Intelligence och controlling
Group reporting
Niche competence support and Automation
products, Services & Subscriptions

Business Area Subscription Finance

With a Finance subscription, you get access to a financial controller, a financial reporting tool, and a financial performance indicator.


We help with bookkeeping of all the payable and receivable business transactions and account reconciliations.


Cooach Closing provides accurate, timely financial reporting and reconciliation on a monthly/ quarterly/ half-yearly, and/or annual basis.

CFO on demand

With a CFO on demand, a scale up company access the competence of a large company’s more strategic CFO.

Financial Reporting

With Financial Reporting, receive an accurate and compliant financial report based on the decided format, tailored to your needs, and ready for publishing.

Group Consolidation

Get a comprehensive overview of consolidated accounts for group companies with Cooach’s Group Consolidation, compliant with K3 and/or IFRS standards.

Annual report (K2)

Annual Report (K2) service provides accurate & compliant financial reports in accordance with K2, giving stakeholders a clear picture of your company’s performance.

Annual report (K3/IFRS)

Get accurate and compliant annual reports for your financial statements, in accordance with K3/IFRS regulations for stakeholders and legal purposes.
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The modern Finance function

Yesterday’s finance function consisted of a closed department characterized by manual work and binders. Financial reporting consisted of static monthly reports produced in Excel, long after the end of the month..

The modern company’s finance function harnesses the opportunities of digitalisation. Cloud-based software and digitized resources foster collaboration. Instead of hiring people to create data, businesses invest in buying finished data. Financial reporting takes place in real time and is combined with other relevant data for decision-making. Delayed monthly statements are a thing of the past.

57% of future financial work is fully or partially automated

40% Fully automated

17% Partly automated

43% Manual

Source: McKinsey Global Institute 2020

Efficient, Cost Effective and Experienced – Cooach’s Business Services

Cooach’s one-stop-shop platform gatherers a number of services for growth companies. Below are our five support areas.

Accounting and CFO-services

Ensure support by accounting specialists who understand what it means to navigate a company through the funding phase.

Human Resources

Our HR approach will ensure that your company is a professional employer at all stages.

Company Administration

Save time and ensure compliance and due diligence readiness at all stages.

Marketing & Sales

Reduce the risk of being stuck in the “valley of death” just because your marketing strategy doesn´t work!

Customer Experience

With expertise and advanced tools for tracking customer experiences on- and offline, we transform insights into product development.

Corporate Finance

With a long-term strategy for fund raising and exit strategy you can focus on the operations and deliver the expected growth


Increase accuracy, turnaround time, and productivity with Cooach’s automated and streamlined finance services.


Navigate the complex world of human resources with help from Cooach’s flexible products and experts.

Company administration

Maximize efficiency, and ensure structure in your Company’s Administration and Shareholder Management with Cooach’s flexible products.

Marketing & sales

Reach your business goals and stand out in a competitive market with Cooach’s marketing experts who provide a range of marketing services.

Customer insights

Get a deeper understanding of your customers, marketplace and product to drive business growth with Cooach’s customer insights service.

Corporate Finance

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