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Unlock the full potential of your products and services with in-depth and actionable customer insights services

Get a deeper understanding of your customers, marketplace and products to drive business growth and development.

Get a deeper understanding of your customers, marketplace and products to drive business growth and development.

Cooach’s Customer Insights service offers a comprehensive approach to understanding your customers, from initial diagnosis to ongoing measurements and improvement. Our team of experts will identify areas for improvement through observations, data collection, and analysis. The results will provide you with key findings and recommendations for improvement. With 24/7 access to real-time results, our service makes it easy to stay on top of your customers and make data-driven decisions. Cooach’s Customer Insights service is your one-stop solution for understanding and satisfying your customers’ needs.

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Customer Experience Insight Subscription

A subscription to customer experience insight incl. quarterly Voice of Customer (VoC) surveys to get feedback on crucial experience drivers for your Business.

Voice of Customer (VoC)

Voice of Customers (VOC) survey is a unique tool to regularly measure and enhance the customer experience with your products and services.

Cooach CX offers a one-stop-shop solution to transform data and insights into concrete measures to improve your company’s customer experience

We are experts in evaluating customer experience both in the digital and brick-and-mortar worlds. Get an honest, in-depth insight into your business through the eyes of your customers and see what else you can do to create a unique shopping experience for your brand enthusiasts. Discover a full spectrum of market research services performed with the highest level of integrity with Cooach CX.

Additional products

Products for companies and other businesses with complex needs

Secret observations

From store audits to mystery video chats and online shopping. Cooach CX offers different types of mystery observations giving you the flexibility and freedom to choose what will work best for your business. Our mystery observers rate their experiences at designated consumer touch-points and share their insights in open commentary

Exit interviews

During a structured conversation with respondents (your real customers leaving the point of sale), an experienced interviewer collects information on various aspects of your brand, products or services. Exit interviews offer a unique opportunity to get honest and open feedback, providing valuable insights into consumer’s profile, behaviour, brand perception, shopping patterns and experiences.

Online focus groups

Online focus group is a method to conduct qualitative research. The discussion is led by our moderator with selected auditors to deep-dive into data collected during mystery observations. The scope on the online meeting refers to the selected improvement areas and is based on a pre-agreed scenario.
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