Company operations

In company operations, we offer services that combine law and
business development. Examples are services to facilitate contract writing with customers and suppliers, and tools that ensure that the Board’s rules of procedure work fully.

Efficient company operations starts with the board

Board work in a digitalized world places new demands on members, where transparency is a matter of course.

For externally financed companies, the Board of Directors is the central corporate body. The Board of Directors appoints the CEO and decides on the strategic direction of the company. But there is also a lot of formality to be fulfilled and in fast-growing companies, board meetings tend to become briefings from the CEO. Decision-making documents are often inadequate or distributed too close to the meeting.

Communication platforms like Slack and MS Teams allow everyone in the company to have access to the same information at the same time, which is something every company should embrace and benefit from. However, board work has so far only been marginally affected by this new reality of transparency.

Digital tools that have been developed to facilitate board work have primarily focused on the internal board work. But there is much more to it. The board of smaller growth-companies should be given better insight into the company’s daily operations, which is facilitated today by the use of digital communication platforms.

The result? An up-to-date and more independently working board of directors, and thus better able to evaluate the CEO and reassess strategies.

When meetings at the company are digitized, it is also possible for members with fully booked calendars to participate (more efficiently) or take part of “on-demand” (recorded) material. The new opportunities to participate in the company’s operations coincide with a need that has never been greater.

Everything is changing so much faster today and that requires real-time information rather than board meetings with power-point presentations. If this new way of involving the board in the business can be combined with effective handling of board formalities and follow-up of decisions and strategies, board work becomes a real asset for both shareholders and operational management.

This is included in subscriptions for company operations

From self-service to a virtual legal department

Cooach GO

Get it right from the beginning

With Go, your company gets access to
quality-assured templates for the documents to which all limited liability companies are subject and templates for working on business planning and management by objectives.

Cooach Business

More functionality and expert support

From SEK 1,490 / month, your company gets access to digital signing by everyone
documents created in our service and a smart notification service for board work. In addition, access to
in-house lawyers and business specialists – available 24/7 for questions.

Cooach Business

Your virtual legal department

The premium version provides access to tailor-made agreements, with digital signing and a notification service for important events, e.g. when it’s time for renegotiation. We also integrate a
data room from a leading document service so that agreements are created, stored and made searchable automatically.

With a dedicated contact person with at least 20 years of experience in running a company, your company gets an invaluable resource for company operations.


Additional services for listed companies and other businesses with complex needs

Our additional services complement the subscriptions and complete the growth company’s HR function. Of course, data-driven and fully integrated to be as efficient as possible. At the same time, the focus shifts from structure to development and value creation. All to make your company a winner as the workplace of the future is now being shaped. A workplace where employees and gig consultants work in parallel in a digital environment.

Annual General Meeting

During the pandemic, AGMs and other general meetings had to be organised digitially. Going forward, we will see more hybrid meetings where the physical and digital meetings are combined, which places demands on a number of practical and legal issues that must be addressed. For boards of smaller listed companies or companies with a dispersed ownership base, Cooach has a complete solution. From preparation of decisions and agenda to the physical premises for implementation and then follow-up and implementation of decisions.

Corporate Lawyer

In companies with a complex legal framework to follow or that carry out transactions in need of legal support, Cooach may appoint an experienced corporate lawyer. Through our subscription plan, both hours and costs can be limited.


Urban Hobring

CFO on demand

Urban Hobring has more than 40 years of experience in accounting and finance from various  industries, of which the past 5 years as a consultant. 

Urban has held leading positions for both Swedish and global groups in accounting, business controlling, consolidation and treasury.

Urban joined Cooach in the autumn of 2020, with the assignment to conduct the consolidated financial statements of one of Cooach’s international clients active in the real estate industry. Since then, Urban has expanded his commitment and today, he has several assignments on behalf of Cooach.


"I joined Cooach because I liked the company's way of working and focus on simplifying and digitizing. My long experience and expertise in finance and accounting is valuable in the complex assignments that we carry out. I enjoy adding value to both Cooach and their customers."

Björn Petersson

CFO On-demand

Björn Petersson has more than 25 years of experience as CFO, business controller and from a number of different operational roles. Previously employed in Venture Capital-, state-owned-, listed- and privately owned companies, Björn has now been running his own business for five years with a focus on supporting small companies with strong entrepreneurs and owners.

Björn’s clients operate in a number of industries such as medtech, telecom, pharmaceuticals and investments.

For the past three years, Björn has collaborated with Cooach, where he works with our customers Radio Innovation and Flat Capital.

"The opportunity to offer customers a holistic business support concept, with access to experts completely on demand, is great. This makes the collaboration with Cooach both interesting and good for my self-development.

Tobias Fridman

Business lawyer on demand

Tobias has worked as a lawyer and business lawyer for more than 20 years, often with technology-driven companies such as Accenture, Verizon, Infor & IKEA Industry, as well as with start-ups.

Tobias holds a Master of Laws  from Stockholm University and has graduated from the General Management program at Harvard Business School.

"I am convinced of the fact that the legal industry will go through dramatic change over the coming years, spurred on by technology, and believe Cooach is well positioned to help clients benefit from this development. Cooach's business model gives small and medium-sized companies access to the level of business support that, prior to Cooach, only big corporations would have been able to afford."

This is part of Cooach Business's corporate operations

Access to Cooach Toolbox with smart templates in company operations, for example:

  • CEO Instruction: The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is always responsible for the day-to-day management and has the right to represent the company and enter into agreements within the scope of the day-to-day management. The CEO Instruction, or “Instruction on the division of tasks between the company bodies” as it is called in the Companies Act, is the Board’s instrument for specifying the responsibilities and authority of the CEO. Cooach provides the tool to create a CEO instruction and assists with advice in its drafting.
  • The Board’s Rules of Procedure: Should be a living document that is revised annually and adapted to the actual circumstances of the company. The CEO Instruction form part of the rules of procedure. You can easily create a Rules of Procedure document through our template and receive notifications about when it’s time to review.
  • Minutes: Cooach Business provides the minute-taker with an easy way to document board meetings while automating the process of signing and archiving.
  • Business planning: When the framework for the work of the various corporate bodies is in place, the most important issue remains. The operational business planning. In a digitalized workplace where employees and gig-consultants are scattered in different locations and have different working hours, goal-oriented business planning becomes crucial. 
  • Cooach provides templates to support business planning, as well as chat support with our business planning experts.

Automated processes in company operations

  • Board planning: With planning created on the basis of the statutory documents that must exist in a limited company, much of the planning work for a board is automated, increasing the likelihood that things will get done.
  • Correct at every step: The Cooach business support platform integrates multiple steps in one process, even those where a human must act, making sure that things get done in time. One such task could be registration matters with authorities. Start the process with smart templates and let our law back office take over.


  • Notifications for board work: We notify for future activities in the board work based on the annual wheel and the board’s rules of procedure.
  • Signatures: When it is time to sign, for example, a board protocol, those who are to sign are notified and after the signing is completed, the responsible person is notified that everything is ready.
  • Everything else: What’s not done automatically, our back office law department takes care of. You write to the back office in Slack and you receive notifications when there are answers. Simple and well organized on a single platform.

Integration partners



Do it right from the start *
SEK 0 per month
  • Create Notice of Annual General Meeting
  • Create Board Minutes from templates
  • Create CEO instructions from templates
  • Create documents for the Board's rules of procedure


Digital support with company operations questions*
From SEK 1 490 per month
  • Create Notice of Annual General Meeting
  • Create Board Minutes from templates
  • Create CEO instructions from templates
  • Create documents for the Board's rules of procedure
  • Back office law
  • Workflow with notifications for board work (based on completed annual wheel)
  • Built-in digital signing
  • Email notifications
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Build a custom remote legal department *
From SEK 3 490 per month
  • Create Notice of Annual General Meeting
  • Create Board Minutes from templates
  • Create CEO instructions from templates
  • Create documents for the Board's rules of procedure
  • Back office law
  • Workflows with notifications for board work
  • Built-in digital signing
  • Automatic data room
  • Notifications by e-mail and in Slack
  • Tailor-made agreements
  • Individual head coaching
  • Dedicated contact company operations

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