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Sell ​​more with a strong brand

With a strong brand, you can sell more at a higher price, and the value of your company increases over time.

When the company is entering a fiercely competitive and established market, it is essential to clarify the offer, position, and profile. Many customers perceive the services as very similar and interchangeable. You can get past that perception when a new company appears on the market and clearly stands for something missing.

It is central that the company’s brand is emotionally relatable to the buyers. Research shows that the emotional attachment to brands is significant. It turns out (somewhat surprisingly perhaps) that only 10% of McDonald’s customers have a dynamic relationship with their brand, while a whopping 70% of Cisco’s customers are emotionally attached to it.

With a strong brand that permeates all actions, not just “how you look,” you can gain advantages in terms of price and volume. Below are the five most important aspects influencing the willingness to buy more and pay a higher price. 7 out of 10 drivers are emotional rather than functional.

Volume premium

Price premium



Customer focus

Easy to do business

Expert advise

Sense of belonging

Prestige and status

Value added


Delivery capacity

Cooach can help you become clear and break through the noise, which will be one of the essential prerequisites for more business and a higher price.

Four things are needed for a new brand to succeed are:

  1. A clear association with the gut feeling the brand should stand for
  2. A distinct position and a promise that influences buyer behavior
  3. Clarity about which category you belong to so that buyers can scan the brand quickly
  4. Specific elements for all touchpoints help the buyer recognize the brand and make an emotional connection.

The project is carried out during interactive workshops where we develop your brand platform together.

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