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Group consolidation is the merging of two or more business entities. It can be a formal process of legally combining two businesses or a method of financial reporting whereby a group of organizations is treated as a single entity. This article will treat group consolidation as a method of financial reporting. Examples of entities that might want to do this are: holding companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, or joint ventures.
The need for CFO increases on a company's growth journey with demanding investor requirements and rapid growth goals. But an experienced CFO often equates to high salary costs. The smaller company usually hires an economist given the title CFO and sets it to handle a lot of different tasks. The advantage of hiring is that you commence team building. But you take on a risk with a fixed cost and could also need to compromise regarding the person's competence and experience. Taking help from a CFO on-demand can be an option and a flexible alternative.
The business support platform Cooach continues to accelerate. The company recently secured growth financing from Nordea, for further development of the company's SaaS platform, investments in marketing and sales, and recruitment of essential competence. Now there are two new people in place.
Fast-growing companies are confronted daily with a range of issues that concern both opportunities and challenges on their growth journey. Often this involves expansion and establishment in new markets, such as setting up a subsidiary or establishing a company abroad to deal with local regulatory requirements.
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