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Cooach helps Greentech innovation company Spowdi with financial services to expand faster

Although small farms use land and resources very efficiently, they are vulnerable to climate change and declining groundwater levels. The innovation and greentech company Spowdi is driving the development of solar agriculture. With its patented solution, a solar cell-powered drip irrigation system, it enables the world’s 500 million small farms to secure more profitable food production and avoid fossil fuels.

Spowdi was founded in 2016, and the initial idea arose when Henrik Johansson, co-founder, and CEO of Spowdi, faced a challenge in the forests of northern Sweden. He needed to distribute water, but there was no electricity for miles. 

Today Spowdi has operations in Europe and India and plans to expand to Africa and the U.S. as the next potential markets. As proof of its’ seeing is believing’ approach, Spowdi also has “Smart Farms” in India and Spain, where it showcases solutions for growing more food in significantly less water, using the sun as the only power source.

As the venture capital-backed company expands, Spowdi has hired Cooach for its flexible financial products and services. Taking help with several back office and other solutions provides the flexibility to vary the level and amount of services, depending on the company’s needs. Currently, those services are CFO-on-demand, back office, and payroll.

“Hiring Cooach is a smart solution for us as we grow, as we can then pay more attention to expansion. For us, it’s a good solution, providing senior expertise and administrative support.”

Henrik Johansson, co-founder and CEO of Spowdi

Pumps well over 20,000 liters of water a normal sunny day without using any other energy source than the sun.

Mobile and robust system which allows the users to easily move and use the system wherever they want

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