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Although small farms use land and resources very efficiently, they are vulnerable to climate change and declining groundwater levels. The innovation and greentech company Spowdi is driving the development of solar agriculture. With its patented solution, a solar cell-powered drip irrigation system, it enables the world's 500 million small farms to secure more profitable food production and avoid fossil fuels.
The need for CFO increases on a company's growth journey with demanding investor requirements and rapid growth goals. But an experienced CFO often equates to high salary costs. The smaller company usually hires an economist given the title CFO and sets it to handle a lot of different tasks. The advantage of hiring is that you commence team building. But you take on a risk with a fixed cost and could also need to compromise regarding the person's competence and experience. Taking help from a CFO on-demand can be an option and a flexible alternative.
With digitalisation, global expansion and an increasing number of emerging companies seeking early-stage external capital to grow faster, the complexity of both accounting and financial reporting has increased. Investors rightly demand clear and continuous reporting, transparency, accessibility and orderly accounting.
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