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How can we build an effective digital marketing platform? There are so many CRM systems; which one should we choose? How do we ensure a successful SEO tactic? Making the right decisions regarding budget, paths, and pace is crucial. A CMO-on-demand (Chief Marketing Officer) can be a flexible way to provide your company with senior marketing expertise cost-effectively and with low risk.
The business support platform Cooach continues to accelerate. The company recently secured growth financing from Nordea, for further development of the company's SaaS platform, investments in marketing and sales, and recruitment of essential competence. Now there are two new people in place.
Cooach has acquired the majority of the digital agency Business Reflex. The acquisition means that Cooach broadens the current offering in digital business support with digital marketing & sales.
Prover is a rail control systems vendor driving the railway industry to take a modern approach to specify, develop, implement, and maintain rail control systems. The railway industry is an old industry where the adoption of modern digital solutions and digital transformation goes slowly.
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